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TechTV won’t be getting ratings until later this year, so we rely on web traffic for an indication of how we’re doing. Our research shows a strong correlation between web users and viewers.
In the past few days we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the traffic on the Screen Savers site. This week we had over 250,000 impressions per day. In the past we’ve averaged closer to 100,000-150,000.

That means we’ve almost doubled our traffic in our new time wth our new format. That’s really encouraging news. Thanks for your clicks!!

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  1. Leo,
    Sorry, I am one of the former regulars, that is no longer clicking through the CFH website during CFH. I logged into the chatroom a couple times during CFH the first week of the new changes. But, I must say, I have not since then. It just isn’t the same. I used to do the CFH quiz everyday as well. Not anymore, not since after “the change”. However, I do still log in faithfully for TSS everyday during the live spot, whenever I am home. I keep trying on the TSS weekly quiz. But, in the past three years, I still haven’t won anything. 🙁 Although, I must say I have a much better track record on my results now. Three years ago, I was lucky to get one or two answers right. Now, I usually get between eight and all correct. 😉 Thanks for all you’ve taught me over the years!

  2. >Historically TSS and CFH were neck and neck with Call for Help leading by a >little bit most of the time. CFH has dropped off by about half since the time >change. They aren’t repeated so that hurts.
    Leo – it’s hurting them a lot that they’ve been gobbled up into TechLive! That’s most of the problem. Becky and Scott are doing a great job hosting, but no one really wants to see it in that little window with all those stupid stock bars taking up all the space! It’s totally unfair that CFH and the viewers aren’t being treated with respect on the bigwigs part! The bigwigs have to let CFh alone and get them off the TechLive format! Becky knows how to produce the show, since she’s produced it while you were there – she has to be livid with what the bigwigs there are forcing them into TechLive! It’s not fair!

  3. Leo, is anyone checking the number of impressions your weblog has gotten in the same amount of time?
    It’s both a lot more informal and much easier to load. The Tech TV site has so many graphics everywhere (and not mainly show images either) that you can’t even click on the message board without waiting forever…they should just put up a blog too and maybe your co-workers at TSS could join in…anyway the show is great, I watch it & tape it & watch it again.
    But I finally saw some more Tech Live as I was off work today and it wasn’t too bad. It’s a lot better if people from TSS show up. James Kim appeared on the Lab Rats segment, nice to see. I saw Martin & Patrick on a clip at night that seemed to be a Tech Live rerun I hadn’t seen (the hackers list again) – more of that might help.
    Best to all, Rosemary

  4. Leo,
    You should know that wherever you are there the fans are also. So it doesn’t really come to that big of a surprise. i think that the numbers go up slightly when your segment is on. I do miss you on CFH and i think that Becky and Scott are feeling it also. They are trying hard to fill your shoes. after all it now takes 2 where before it only took 1. i am tired of hearing how people hate this and hate that. it is like you said in a prior blog it is the best you can do with a bad situation. it will take a while to get over all the changes that were just dumped on you, the rest of the techtv staff, and the veiwers. geeks generally don’t like change but we love improvements and upgrades. the new format was a huge overhaul. with people moving cubicals, desks, computers, and whatever else it was a big shock. overall i think you all are doing a great job with what you have been handed. so everyone at techtv keep up all the great work you all are trying hard and we all appreiciate that.
    rock on homey,

  5. Not really related to the topic, but why isn’t there an “alt.fan.the-screen-savers” and/or “alt.fan.leo-laporte” newsgroup? I guess between the message boards on techtv.com, and the comments section of this blog, they would be redundant, but still. While this comments thing is great, I have noticed that a lot of the time, some people (including me) will skew off onto a tangent which has nothing to do with the original post, to ask a question, make an observation, etc. A two-way system, such as in a newsgroup, where the readers could start new topics, might be a good solution to that problem. Also, the threading aspects of a newsgroup are helpful as well. Well, until that day, I shall continue reading the blog.

  6. I think it is so wonderful that The Screen Savers is receiving such positive responses from the public. I can honestly say that I have learned a lot from watching your program over the last 2 years. When I began watching The Screen Savers I had no idea that there was more to the computing world than just Windows and Pentium processors. Your show opened my eyes and made me realize just how expansive technology was.
    Because of your program I have decided to become more educated in the ways of Sun’s Solaris, I think it would be good for our company’s network and web servers. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂
    Rose Emmons

  7. Leo,
    I love the time change! I love that The Screen Savers is 30 minutes longer. Now that you have that extra 30 minutes, you could atleast have more time for reading emails and faxes at the end. Well.. As for Call For Help, its not quite as informative as it used to be. I liked it when you hosted it much better. Scott and Becky do an ok job, but you did MUCH better. I also noticed that on The Screen Savers, you don’t answer as much live calls as you used to. Although, “Leo’s Boot Camp” makes up for most of that. Overall, I love the new schedule more than I dislike it. Although I miss Kate, I’m wishing she will appear to take Patrick’s spot 1 day a week on The Screen Savers. I’m sure everyone else who was a fan of Kate will agree with me.
    Tommy Mruzik

  8. my question: was there a roll-out in more cities with the launch of techlive that could account for the increase in traffic at the TSS site, or is it solely the new time slot and format?
    either way, maybe this will show the higher-up folks that a “niche” show like TSS actually can have a broader appeal than that TechLive snooze-o-rama.
    heck, i think there are a lot of folks out there who would watch 9 hours a day of the old CFH and TSS. Leo would die of exhaustion, of course. which would be unfortunate.

  9. I enjoy the web site, too. I clicked around a whole bunch on the archive of the Geek Library, that was nice to surf through. I am only sorry that my cable co. gave us Tech TV only a year ago (or less) I really missed out on some good stuff. the TSS web page has links to great archived material. I don’t get the show notes mailed, so I often go to the web page to read it there. as Pat would say, “Good stuff.” ( Pat said “you know what?” three times in one sentence yesterday on the outdoors car segment, I really enjoyed that. You didn’t say it Leo, so I can’t get that dollar afterall.)

  10. Hey Leo,
    I really like the new layout of both shows, but rather TSS more. I think the new layout brought more visitors to the site. I know I visit it atleast 5 times a day (but it is my homepage) and I used to only visit it about once a day. Keep up the good work and thanks for visiting my site!

  11. As great as Leo is, I’m just posting because I’m amazed to see that there is another Rosemary posting here! I really don’t see it much, and am almost conviced to be the youngest person with the name (I’m 21) .. well, unless you can proove that to be wrong. 😉
    Anyways, umm… Yay Leo!! =)

  12. peeps — they’re the little marshmellow baby chicken things Yo it’s peeps man!!

  13. I just wanted to point out an error in Chiway’s comment.
    He/she/it (sorry, it’s an ambiguous name) referred to Martin Sargent as “Mr. Sargent”.
    Just to clarify, it’s “Ms. Sargent.”
    Ms. being an abbreviation for “Miss,” of course.
    Ba-da-boom, ba-da-ZING!
    Sorry, Martin! Just had to do it!
    Happy late Sunday board!
    Take it easy,

  14. Glad to hear the ratings are doing well. TechTV keeps me sane. If it wasn’t for you guys, I would think that everyone was like the people on the Martha Stewart show; worring about their herb gardens and making pastries.

  15. I have noticed that the new format has attracted many new advertisers. I have noticed that Disney, GM and Ford have purchased ad time.

  16. I think that the tss website would get more hits if it loaded faster.
    The site just loads to slow on a dial-up connection.
    That is why I never go there.
    I just get the links of the sites I want from the show
    Get the site to load faster and I will go there.
    If you build it they will come!!!

  17. Leo
    I’m not impressed with the “Live” show even though I know your (the crew) is doing the absolute best you/they can. Kind of a rip off from MSNBC in my opinion. I’d rather be watching Screensavers or something like that. I’m still a fan and will continue watching later on in the evenings. Thanks Leo. I hope to see ya’ll at CES 2002. Kevin

  18. Historically TSS and CFH were neck and neck with Call for Help leading by a little bit most of the time. CFH has dropped off by about half since the time change. They aren’t repeated so that hurts.
    A weak third has usually been Fresh Gear with all the others behind that. I don’t know how the numbers are now or what the TechLive numbers are.

  19. Leo, here’s a question for you: How many hits is the Call For Help site now getting? Is the TSS site actually getting more hits, or is it just a case of “robbing Peter to pay Paul”?

  20. Leo,
    When will techtv put a poll on the website to see if people enjoy or hate (most people) the new tech live stuff? I can’t believe that people are watching as much as they were before tech live.

  21. The extra half-hour is great. And, thanks to the time change, my 2 year old now knows who Leo & Pat are 🙂
    Keep up the great work Leo!

  22. Hey leo tss has been great although i would like to see more time spent on the e-mails at the end of the show like you did for the last 2 months. that was great. also would it be possible to get links to the news stories that you talk about in the show notes, sometimes you have really interesting stories that i want to tell others that don’t get techtv and i have no where to go.
    keep up the great work
    brandon clark

  23. Howdy,
    The new format is great. As with the first version of anything there are bugs. I am sure it will get better as the season goes on. I for one really enjoy the more professional look of techlive. You can really see the difference in quality between techlive and the mundane programming that was on before. Before the change I watched Fox News In between classes (I am a compsci student @ Texas A&M University), now I watch a mix of both.
    I also like the new 90 minute length of The ScreenSavers. On the down side The show has turned into a variety show, shuffling guests quickly in and out of segments. Ya’ll should slow it down, take more questions, and not center around guests. It seems that the slashdot effect is starting to take hold and I am not talking about the load ya’lls webserver can handle. Slashdot was great a few years ago, but now the message boards are full of clueless trolls, and the stories have become watered down and quite boring. In a way it has become a victim of its own popularity. Moreover, Martin should be given his own show. He is totaly being wasted with the silly 5 question segment. He seems to be fairly creative, I am sure that are better uses for him.
    I would not mind seeing another show later in the evening (maybe martin could host) where ya’ll disscuss things like robotics and hardware hacking in a more detailed and technial manner. Show the difference between diffrent types of cryptology products. Highlight the many flavor unix like OS’s outthere. How about computer security, and I don’t mean give me a run down of all the latest features of zonealarm. You could give a rundown of new vulnerabilites that have been found that week. You could even bring a secrity expert on and let them break the security computers that ya’ll set up live on tv. Show people that the iloveyou virus was not a virus that is was just a macro script that only effected ms products. Show people what the differece is. I guess the point I am trying to make is that I would like to see a show that digs deeper than what the screensavers is now. Case in point, tonight you had on the guy from RSA. I got absolutely nothing out of that. It was a waste of time. You should have extended the segment and allowed him to show how and in what products RSA is currently being used. It reminds me of an old commercial for hotdogs where a lady stood there and exclaimed “Wheres the beef?”.
    Oh and I would love to see the screensavers get one of the people from ICANN that is able to vote on the new top level domains. I want someone to ask them what they were thinking when they choose the absolutly ridiculous .firm, .store, .biz. Right now most people don’t realize what is going on behind the seens. Nor do they have any power to effect it. However mass public opinions given life by the media can have a positive effect. Assuming the media in question actually knows what they are talking about. Which is why I would think that techtv would considering it is technology based.
    Although this is probably more of a story for silicon spin than it is for the ScreenSavers. Leo, will you pass that on to Dvorak for me?
    Moving on, one question I have is where is kate? Why is she not anchoring a techlive segment. Adam from extended play is, who I must say is really bad at it. Furthermore, I love how scott is being used. His humor makes the channel much more fun to watch. Out of all the house call segments you have, I only paid attention to scott. I could not tell you what the peoples problems were or how roger fixed them. I also like the people that are maning the netcam booth, they are fun to watch when you talk to them. People that are quick and witty are always entertaining. Finally I think call for help is fine, except for the fact that people might now know that it is on. Since it is on the techlive set, which is used for other things it is difficult to distinguish the two. Maybe ya’ll should change the background during call for help to get rid of the background noise that is the hustle of techlive. Give it a more intimate atmosphere which is what I think most people miss from the old version. Other than that it is fine, Becky is more than capable and seems to know what she is talking about.
    I tried to stop myself a couple paragraphs ago to no avail. I am very opinionated and like a snow ball rolling down hill. It gets larger as time passes acumulating more and more snow. It gets to the point where as I go on more things pop into my head and I go off on a tangent with out ever finishing my original point. So I apologize for the rant, but one of the earlier posts about how must people liked the old techtv format prior to techlive set me off. I guess it is in someways it is human nature to resist change in something you have become familar and comfortable with. However I am definately going construct a likes and dislikes list and put it up on my web site. So if you see an email from me you can cringe and know what is coming — I would hope that you would please read it anyways.
    Take it easy,

  24. After spending the day installing a dishwasher I turned on the TV only to find that the cable company has once again preempted Tech TV with baseball. it’s mainly reruns now anyway, but I thought I’d check. I think Rosemary’s right. The only reason I visit tech tv’s web site is if there’s something of interest in the show notes. I would much rather post a comment than read what’s posted there. There are tons of pages and they take forever to load if you’re not fortunate enough to have broadband. I don’t have time for that. Give me a link I’m sure will be of interest and I’ll go there every time. Surfing is a thing of the past. It’s just too time consuming. Am I the only one who doesn’t know what Peeps are? I’ve heard this term thrown about all week and I’ve yet to find out what the heck they are. I guess they can’t be all bad if Stacy likes them that much. Joshua looked like he was eating purple flowers, I have no idea. I watch very little television so it’s probably just one more thing I’ve missed. My stock climbed through the roof on Thursday. Out of embarrassment over how much I’ve lost I will refrain from naming the junker. If only I’d listened to Stacy back then….

  25. Mr. Laporte,
    I just love TechTV. I’ve learned a lot from. I’m not that savvy with computers so I had difficulty watching ScreenSavers at first. But I eventually got a good grasp of it =0) Anyway I would just like you to know that I think you, Mr. Norton and Mr. Sargent has a gift of transforming complex ideas into simple terms. I think that talent is quite rare in the computer world. So, it’s no wonder why there are so many people going to the ScreenSavers site. I would have to agree with the person (i.e., Rosemary) who commented on the slow download of the TechTV site. Unfortunately, there’s a 3 to 6 months difference between the Philippines and the United States so I really can’t comment on the “changes” that’s happened to TechTV lately.
    From what I’ve gathered, it seems you’re not hosting CFH anymore =0( Too bad, I think the show’s popularity had a lot to do with the host…at least in the Philippines case (you have a LOT of fans here…including my best friend and I) Personally I’ve learned a lot from the tips you gave in CFH but like I’ve said I haven’t yet seen the changes so I still don’t know how the new CFH hosts are doing. Oh well, there’s always the ScreenSavers =0)

  26. >Historically TSS and CFH were neck and neck with Call for Help leading by a >little bit most of the time. CFH has dropped off by about half since the time >change. They aren’t repeated so that hurts.
    Which is just what I thought would happen! Viewers aren’t following the new TSS format, Leo, they’re following YOU! How does it feel to know you have GROUPIES? I decided to try again last night, and tuned into TSS. Well, Leo’s Boot Camp was a drastically shortened version of the old CFH, but that about did it for me. There’s nothing in the middle anymore! I think I’ve outgrown CFH (especially the new one with Becky, Becky always did the simplistic stuff anyway. Not that Becky’s not good. She IS good at what she does, but what she does is not what I’m interested in. Sorry Becky!) And I still find TSS sort of over my head in most areas. But viewers who are in mourning for the old CFH are BOUND to drop in on TSS every so often, and even to go to the TSS site (though I admit I haven’t tried that yet) ~ much the way the bereaved tend to visit their loved one’s gravesite. (Did that sound morbid?) After all, TSS has your old time slot, and it has the Host With The Most!
    Wake up TechTV! Your viewers aren’t following your new format the way you thought they would. And I also wonder when TechTV is going to bother asking its VIEWERS what THEY think!

  27. i have written a tech column for the north myrtle beach times and the loris times in south carolina for several years, and i loved you on tech tv.my friend told me that he would love to know what you have forgotten. me too.
    some of my wild tech columns are on my web site. check out the village voice bordello link too.
    take it ez.

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