Vote for Stacee, Part II

Uh oh. That evil Maria Bartiromo is catching up with Stacee in Playboy’s Bear Market Babes poll. Even though Stacee thinks it’s silly, I really don’t want her to lose. If nothing else, it would be great for her career. So if you’re over 18 please cast your vote here (this is a direct link to the vote page to minimize the girly pix, but there are still some mildly offensive images. Not to mention the totally insulting copy.)
She’s sitting right next to me and she’s given me permission to mention this again. The vote ends May 1 and you can vote more than once. So do!

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  1. Heya Ted,
    The upgrade they did last night with the Asus Mobo and the T-Bird chip is the same upgrade I performed 2 weeks ago, and I was completely nervous. If you have any questions or just need a pep talk please feel free to email me.
    All I can say is, It’s not hard at all! You just have to pay attention to what your doing, and having good backups as well as copies of programs you need standing by helps!
    The only thing about the segement was, it really didnt have much substance, no info on why they chose the parts they chose (heck, Leo had to interject the fact that it was a DDR RAM capable mobo…), or what issues you might encounter (except when the power cables were to short) It was just flat out to short, I wish they had done a segment on it each night for 3 or 4 nights and really done a more in depth treatment.
    Ahh well… I guess they might have had to cut out one of the many interviews per show to add that sort of thing.

  2. I just heard about what was going on with Stacee (I am moving to Austin TX so all my packing has kept me away from the real world). I am so happy that she is finally getting noticed (even if it is by Playboy). Stacee seems like such a nice girl who has a sunny personality. So, as you requested Leo, I went to Playboy’s site and voted for her. I sincerely hope she wins.
    Rose Emmons
    P.S. I have a question: What in the world was Playboy thinking when they nominated all those other women as “Bear Market Babes”? Stacee is the only one in the line of pictures who doesn’t look haggard.
    “If the meek inherit the world, what becomes of us Tigers?” —Unknown

  3. Stacee…you got my vote.
    very cool site, Leo. you’re the best.
    i love the screen saver show and the new time.
    just a quick question: when is the screen saver going to
    come to visit southern california?
    take care

  4. > you can vote more than once. So do!
    You know, I’m the last person to recommend something underhanded, but what with all the techies of TechTVLand, this poll should be a cinch, you know? Perl, anyone?


  6. I think I asked Stacee out on a date when ZDTV was first coming on and I think she responded pretty negatively. But I’d still like to see her in playboy so I voted anyway.

  7. Leo & Stacee-
    I have already voted about 50 times. I will continue to vote for her until the end. However, i really want Megan to win the geek contest. She is the best. I am heartbroken though. I was reading the focus on her at the techtv site and it said that her name was formally””. So needless to say I am heartbroken as I said before. Go Megan Go I’m your #1 fan!!!!!

  8. Don’t think I would find anything “mildly offensive” on Playboy’s website, being I have been a subscriber to the magazine for quite some time.

  9. I wholeheartedly agree with your evil Maria theory. She is on the stock channel that I watch, (when I can stand it), and I’ve always found her to be offensive. Whereas Stacy is so genuine. You are lucky to have her on your team Leo. I think she could set the room on fire with a smile and she has every right to win that contest. I voted once already, but I will again here in a second. Last night you finally did what I’ve been waiting so long for you to do. The upgrade that Yoshi installed on that guy’s computer is exactly what I’ve been wanting to do myself. I wish it had been more detailed, but I will eventually make the plunge and I will keep the tape to use as a guide along with your show notes. It all looks fairly simple. The only worrisome part is installing the chip. The geek contest was a smash. I have no favorites so I won’t vote, but I thought they were all funny. I miss Call for Help too. It was a great show. I know it’s still on, but my cable company only covers tech tv after six and even if it did I’m not sure I’d like it as much without you running the show. One show I particularly liked was with your netcam girl. I guess she’s been let go since I haven’t seen her recently, but you guys were pretty funny together. The Screen Savers is practically the only TV that I watch. You’ve found a way to make us all laugh while getting better informed and keeping up with the whirlwind of technology that surrounds computers. I will never understand it all. But I don’t have to. we only need to know what’s mainstream to keep pace with it all. The rest is purely a matter of choice. Mainly that’s why I watch. You are the funniest host I’ve seen in a long time, but when it comes down to it, I need to know what’s flying by me and when I have to catch it.

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