Our Dumb Decade

If there’s any doubt that we’ve just lived through a wacky few years read eCompany’s 100 Dumbest Moments in e-Business. Hey, they all seemed like great ideas at the time.
You gotta love dumb moment #95:

“Ziff-Davis chairman Eric Hippeau launches ZDTV, proclaiming that ZDTV is “about a world where geek is chic.” According to Webster’s, geek means “a person, often of an intellectual bent, who is disliked.” Tres chic, Monsieur Hippeau, tres chic.”

8 Replies to “Our Dumb Decade”

  1. Screen Savers is a “must see” I wouldn’t know what a computer was otherwise!Only recently introduced to techtv,and now I can’t funtion without it.Although, I was under the impression that a geek was someone who swallowed small animals for entertainment!

  2. What is everyone’s beef with techtv? Everyone seems to be knocking techtv for one thing or another. I have to laugh at all these magazines that talk about how dumb an idea zdtv/techtv is. I guess that techtv will have the last laugh, however, when all those people realize that “Geeky help shows” are what people want.
    (By the way, great job on techlive and somewhat new TSS Leo!) 🙂

  3. i dont think it was a dumb move. I think it was revolutionary. TechTV is where I go for geek news. I mean, who wants to watch NBCi? …oh…wait a minute…
    Brian 🙂

  4. Is that an improvement from the 1981 Webster’s Handy College Dictionary: geek (slang) “a gullible or feebleminded person”?
    I don’t believe launching ZDTV was a dumb moment, but I can’t say the same for all the changes made by techtv.

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