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And now some more pictures. These are from TechLive. Steve Abrams is anchoring right after my shift. (Click on the thumbnail for a full size image.)View from the anchor seat
This is the view from behind the main anchor position.

Steve from the side view

A side view. Note the teleprompter and monitor on the camera – that’s what we’re looking at.

Rich screening calls

Rich Statter screening calls for Call for Help.

Simon the job operator fooling around. The jib is a camera on a boom that gives those incredible swooping shots.

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  1. This is an open question to Leo and anyone else who’d care to answer:
    Are the changes at TechTV based in any way on actual viewer demand? If so, what were the statistics cited?
    Obviously, everyone here enjoys the Laporte-tinged shows, but perhaps little else.
    I, for one, had no use for the Money show, “Cybercrime”, or “Internet Tonight”, and only mild appreciation for “Silicon Spin”.
    Does TechTV have rating or survey information that shows them that their pre-existing audience favored the Money show over everything else? (As a rationale for remaking the channel into TechCNBC?) Did some shows routinely rate much higher than others, and which ones?
    It’s just that, our obvious Leo-bias aside, I almost NEVER see anyone saying anything kind about shows other than TSS and the old CFH. My impression is that they were all big duds.
    Perhaps this is beating an old “why did they change” horse by now, but I’m just curious as to what their motivation was, and whether it was backed up by data.
    — Brandon

  2. Great Pics, but there are none of you and the rest of the TSS crew. Someone on the set must have a (personal) camera. Come on Leo, give us the pics we all want. High quality, behinde the set at TSS that we can drool over and use as wallpaper. We spend over 10 hours a week watching you guys move. Let us enjoy what it looks like when you stand still.
    Your loyal fan
    (VOTE MEGAN!!!!),
    If nothing else, give Martin a camera (and I’m sure he could swipe, er, I mean borrow one from Fresh Gear, and get us fans some wonderful .jpg’s.)

  3. Leo,
    A few thoughts. The Screen Savers is great, love the 90 minute format it’s perfect. Patrick and Martin are excellent as well, good chemistry among all three of you. Call for Help however; ugh. You were great on CFH and when Becky did Fridays it was good. But the new set and complete lack of chemistry between Scott and Becky really hurts the show. I think the “hominess” of the old sets was part of the draw.
    Oh by the way, you look really uncomfortable with the tie on tech live. Time for a nice loud Hawaian shirt I think !!!!

  4. Probaly off the topic of your entry, Leo, but I’ve noticed you use Blogger on your site. I used to have a blog site (I prefer to say “Weblog”) and I used a program called News Publisher It’s a cgi script and it works much the same way as blogger. Blogger is easier it’s also known to have bugs anyway, I like your new “Weblog” and I continue to watch The Screen Savers. BTW, when will Call For Help air again? I heard Techtv getting a new host to Replace you but have they even found one yet?
    Sincerly, a fan,

  5. I’m sad. My TechTV went away today. I sat down to watch TSS tonight, and it was replaced by a message stating “This is a channel to which you are not subscribed.” (My campus cable is pulled off a Dish Network feed.) Hopefully the school will resubscribe by tomorrow, but I doubt it, since there is only 3 weeks left until summer break anyway. Next year I live off campus, so last night might have been the last episode I ever will get to see. Let’s hope not.

  6. Hey Leo,
    I’ve been there a many times before. Broadcasting is like that. They’re just going to pull the rug out from under your feet every once in awhile.
    You’re fabulously good at what you do. Sit down, and make a clear decision: stay there, or go get another job. (Better yet, stay there until you get another job.) DO NOT stick around bitching about the changes; they will tire of that quickly and get rid of you, and then you’ll REALLY be frustrated. (Uh, experience speaking here.)
    Because you can never expect management to realize that YOU’RE RIGHT AND THEY’RE WRONG. (Because they never will.)
    It’s tough, but you’ve got to keep your eyes pointed forward.
    Good luck.

  7. Wow…I know that Steve guy…he used to do news here in Austin =) that’s weird!

  8. Does anyone know the tag (I assume it must be active x) to change the color of the scroll bar in IE? If so could someone post it?
    Thx 🙂

  9. By the way, the “A Calling for Help” thread got a bunch of new posting activity last night. Maybe someone linked directly to it? More likely there are Leophiles coming out of the woodwork…
    — Brandon

  10. How could LLoyd Lepointe be Leo’s evil twin if his surname is different than that of Leo’s. Unless, maybe Lloyd had his name changed?

  11. The articles I’ve read say that TechTV won’t be using any kind of Neilsen or other ratings services until later this year/next year…so I don’t think that anything is being based on ratings.

  12. Jason, It’s CSS for the scrollbar color go to my page and look at the source for the CSS code, and Leo like TSS TechLive well it could use a little more humor i think, well Latez all.

  13. What does “bussing Steve” mean? And why was it removed? I guess it’s just an expression that I’m not familiar with.

  14. Well, if you look closely the REAL Call For Help set is still alive, its
    to the right in Leo’s work webcam. Maybe it can be saved!!
    One can hope 🙂

  15. i am getting angry at the new format of techtv. it looks too much like bloomberg tv.i also miss seeing reruns of tss and cfh. i used to watch them at 10 am every day. now i cant get home to watch and i go to bed before the midnight rerun.

  16. Leo, I see you REVISED your captions and Simon is no longer “bussing Steve”. Too bad. An attack of political correctness right here at Leoville!
    Eric Fill, that’s a funny, good idea.
    — Brandon

  17. Who is that mad man taking the pictures?? It NOT Leo Laporte But LLoyd Lepointe… Leo Evil Twin Brother!!!

  18. The TechLive set is really cool. You can see the people working, they aren’t hidden. And the fact that the show is live for i think it is 9 hours a day is also really cool.

  19. hhheeyyy Leo. Pictures are mondo cool. im not sure about Simon and Steve, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i’m not goin there. Anyway i’ll say it again very cool pic’s Leo!!!

  20. Kev: they moved Call for Help to 5 p.m. as part of Techlive. Becky Worley and (the infamous)Scott Herriott are the hosts (Guess no one person could take over for Leo.)for CFH.
    Love the new TSS; especially Jessi. Very easy on the eyes. Nice to see Megan involved more as well. Would love to see Marty Sargent get a segment too. Glad to hear Kate will do a gaming segment.

  21. Seems to me TSS has become the hangout for the old techtv. Everybody wants to be on tv…the cheesy, fun way it once was. I GOT THE ANSWER!!!! extend screensavers to 9 hours durring the day and run techlive at night….LATE at night….

  22. hey leo great pix what kind of monitors do you guys use on teh set like for the netcam booth they look really nice i bet expensive too.

  23. I thought the caption for that pic was: “Ah HA, my plans for world domination are commencing nicely…”

  24. They show up for me, everything works/looks great.
    Take a look at this webcam shot of Leo. My caption, “Mmmmm Doughnuts.”
    (Click my name to see the pic.)
    Later Leo Baby

  25. Hey leo,
    What ever happened to “Churning butter”? As I recall when kate was still on TSS you used to do that quite often. Did techtv force you to stop? Do you still “Churn butter” in private? I for one would like to see you bring it back. 😉

  26. -=-~+`-= Sorry to post agagin Leo just wanted to point out that the links in your blog, like if someone likens to someone, or you try to click their name, well it stays open in your framset. Just wonderin if you wanted to change the target? =-`+~-=-

  27. To “buss” is an old-timey word for kissing, which he’s doing in the picture.
    Just for grins, a few months ago I found a neato browser add-on at the Merriam-Webster site that works like a charm in these instances. It’s a java-script link button that has an automatic dictionary look-up function in it. On any web page, if you want to look up a word, just highlight it and then click the button in the Links bar and you’ll go directly to the Merriam-Webster definition page for that word (it doesn’t open another browser window for it, tho’, which would be nice). I use IE 5 but I believe they’ve recently added a Netscape version of it. Go hither to find out more:
    Yes, it’s a browser enhancement that’s useful, free and *doesn’t* track your surfing! Miracles can still happen if you believe. ;-P
    About the other TechTV shows:
    It’s true, I don’t believe I’ve ever heard someone say “Boy, I never miss Cybercrime!” There’s no doubt that Leo and the crew are the backbone of the channel.
    Busses for everyone,
    -not affiliated in any way with the Merriam-Webster Company, no money was exchanged for this suggestion, which is a shame.

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