Camera colophon

I used a Nikon Coolpix 880 to shoot those pix. As usual the Nikkor optics are very good. I shot them on Fine, 2048×1024, but at that res I only get 10 shots on the supplied 8 MB compact flash. So the next shots will be Fine/640×480 since I resize them anyway. We’ll see how they look.
The camera itself feels kinda cheesy. And it uses disposable lithium batteries. Ick. Either rechargable NiMH or rechargeable lithium for me. That’s what the Canon I want uses.

I’m pretty sure I’ll buy the Canon Powershot S300 when it’s available. It does a neat in-camera stitch for panoramic photos and can take Quicktime movies, too. Plus it’s very compact so I can carry it around with me. We have one in the products lab. I’ll borrow it when they’re through with the review to make sure it’s what I want.

Gotta run and catch the van to get my car for the big repositioning. When I drive in there’s no parking at the studios, so I park in the garage at Townsend and take the van to the studio. The morning shift leaves after 1p so I take the van back and get my car from the garage and repark it here at the studios for a quick getaway after the Screen Savers. What a waste of time, but parking has always been a big issue in SF. -sigh-

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  1. A) I’m a fan of Dvorak, and wouldnt have any probelm with cross promotion of his show (is it cross promotion if he doesnt plug your show on his?) but I would rather see him do a little “Dvorak Moment” on TSS, with a bumper saying, “see John talk to blah blah .. it’s whats next on TechTV” rather than the shameless plug (that a man of his taste has the decency to dislike)
    Heck, why waste the opportunity? Let him be the Lewis Black of TSS!
    heh, sorry, him as Lewis Black, I just amused myself.
    B) >
    1- My hard drive has a bad boot sector.
    2- “fridge Picture”
    3-“hey! My Grandmother watches this show!”
    4-“Um, no makeover for you Mr. Laport”

  2. Yeah, this new Spin plug is painful. Part of the cross-promotion push the entire network is doing. We’re going to do it every night, but we won’t spend so long in future. Dvorak’s great – he’s just as embarrassed by it, too. Maybe we can conspire on a more creative way to sneak in a plug.
    Don’t be so paranoid, Brandon! Anyone who wants to track me down can just wait outside the studio door anyway. We’re barely on in San Francisco, so I rarely get recognized. Every once in a while someone will sidle up to me in the grocery store and ask for computer advice. The other day someone recognized me in the gym. I was standing there naked from the waist down while he told me how much he liked the show. Weird, hunh? It happens infrequently enough that I’m still flattered by the attention.

  3. Leo wrote: “I used a Nikon Coolpix 880 to shoot those pix…The camera itself feels kinda cheesy. And it uses disposable lithium batteries. Ick. Either rechargable NiMH or rechargeable lithium for me.”
    FYI, the Coolpix 950 uses 4 AA batteries. I use rechargables in mine. I have no idea why Nikon went with a non-standard pricey and non-rechargeable battery for the 880.
    I suspect that the optics in the 880 are different from the 950’s.
    You can click on my name in blue (below) to view a pic of some really cute puppies. I used the 950 for this photo.
    Thanks for writing! In Joy! Diana

  4. Leo,
    I really loved last night’s show. It’s interesting that the Patrick interview came around while we’re discussing your accessibility to the common people, since Patrick seems to be the anti-Leo in that respect. You did a good job, some might call Pat a “hostile witness”. 😛 I’m surprised he said as much as he did.
    I do appreciate that you make yourself accessible to your burgeoning audience, but like Brandon (er, whichever Brandon that was – it’s become like the Darrens on Bewitched 😉 ) I wouldn’t want you to get your keister over a barrel because you innocently disclosed something that someone decided to use against you. (there’s that maternal thing coming out again) Paranoia – no, awareness – yes. Of course, that “regular guy” thing you have is very, very cool. We can say that Leo puts his pants on one leg at a time just like anybody else, even if he puts them on last. :o)
    Smooches for the Common Man,

  5. Yoshi deserves it, if for no other reason than he made Patrick freak out on air in a most pleasing way. IMHO (not to mention the freakish faces he made)
    I only wish someone else had been interviewing Patrick, Leo knows him so well, that I feel it could have been a little more in depth. (like interviewing your Brother/Sister)
    Hrm, plugging Silicon Spin? I like and watch that show, but frankly i would have rather seen a call. Though I dont want the show to go away, I like it, it was just more than a little obvious.
    Perhaps having Leo or Patrick on Silicon Spin at some point would help keep some of the audience? (heck, based on the chat rooms, Jessica and Megan would draw a bigger crowd)
    anyway, the only way tonights show could have been better would have been if Patrick had been drinking Dr Pepper while watching Yoshi….. a spit take through the nose is a beautiful thing…..

  6. Sorry to use space Leo but I wanted to tell everyone about my new theme I made ofr techtv. Check it out.
    Hot off the press the new techtv THEME goto: or .exe for the self-extractor. Only 60k, includes awesome background, cool colors, and theme cursors.
    Don’t be put off by the size, winzip compressed it like 99%.

  7. This of course, begs the question — naked from the waist down? Most people put their pants on FIRST. You really are an open book. 🙂
    It must be a California thing.
    Thanks for the reply. I will try to be less paranoid on your behalf. What’s your home phone number again?
    — Brandon

  8. to leo or anyone who knows the answer to this , i recently saw leo on a couple of morning shows on t.v. and he was showing new products , he showed an inflatable radio that he had trouble getting blown up all the way , i am really looking to buy one of those. So anyone know the name of the item and the company that sells them ??…please advise..“`~Enzio

  9. o.k. , i found the name of the item i am looking for , it is called Airwavez , and it is made by T-ink – however i am unable to find who is selling this product ???….(please help) let me know who carries this item retail so i can be the first at the pool to own one !!

  10. Sorry to use space Leo but I wanted to tell everyone about my new theme I made ofr techtv. Check it out.
    Hot off the press the new techtv THEME goto: or .exe for the self-extractor. Only 60k, includes awesome background, cool colors, and theme cursors.
    Don’t be put off by the size, winzip compressed it like 99%.

  11. Umm, Leo, to touch on a creepy subject, do you really feel comfortable divulging this much information on your daily habits to “the world”?
    I mean, I realize that you’re a pretty open book what with the TV Star duties and the columns and the live calls and the blog, but aren’t you a bit concerned?
    I realize I’m clearly on the other side, straining to be as private as possible, but um, telling people where you park your car?
    — Brandon (so very NOT Clark)

  12. anyone notice, on this first picture, in the backround you can see the old call for help set? when techtv finds a new host for callfor help will they use the call for help set we all know and love?

  13. Why not make Dvorak earn his plugs by forcing him to perform wacky and embarrassing stunts! You could make him sing, cross-dress, recite the lyrics to Mr. Roboto while standing at a podium….the possibilities are endless!
    I admit it. I am a cruel, cruel man. So what? 🙂

  14. Poor Dvorak, well at least he isn’t eating popcorn whilst lounging on the couch and trying to plug “Spin” …I liked the “old” Spin, where people actually were all in the same room together. With him in his suit and tie he really looks like a grown up on the Screen Savers’ set, nice tie, indeed. :^)

  15. Those pictures came out great, though some we a little dark which was probably the studios fault. Maybe you shouldn’t buy one afterall, just borrow one from the products department every so often.

  16. a little off topic…but i watched screen savers today and i really enjoyed the piece on getting to know our beloved host, patrick norton. i hope to see more of that in the future…getting to know you, martin, etc… speaking of MARTIN…i think he deserves the geek makeover. and anyone seeing this, VOTE MARTIN at this site. that CRAZY martin deserves it. 🙂

  17. Speaking of nakedness – I’ve had people that I have NEVER met say “Hey, aren’t you…” when standing at a bathroom urinal! That was bad enough! Ugg! I can’t imagine getting caught with my pants down like you did Leo! Haha!

  18. Hey Leo.
    Kind of off subject. But is it true you truly dislike Windows/Microsoft? Im hearing it from alot of sides.
    Say it aint so Leo, say it aint so. :-/

  19. What are you trying to do, make him paranoid?
    Have you checked out many other blogs, people get ALOT more detailed than this…

  20. Why not build your own digicam? It can’t be that hard………….put in a processor, install linux, put on a flashcard reader, put in a CCD, hook it all up, and you’ve got an ultraportable 60 pound digicam.
    OK, maybe you shouldn’t…

  21. Not at all; I’m a fan and I care. I’m wondering where and how Leo draws the line between his wonderful and engaging openness (I forgot to mention the webcams above) and his private life.
    I haven’t read a lot of other blogs, but I would imagine few of the bloggers are as high-profile as our fearless leader. Who cares where Herbie The Poor College Student E-Zine Boy parks his car?
    — Brandon

  22. Leo, did you sing “Old Gray Mere” when your pants were down?
    If anybody gets that I salute you.

  23. There shoulda been a ‘Vote Leo’ option after that sweater he wore the other day.
    ..Kinda hard to tuck a ‘dress shirt’ in if you put your pants on first.

  24. I’m thinking you need to build one of those personal helicopters and just land on the roof 🙂 Just fly low in case you hit a bird or something and need to make a dive. 🙂

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