The All New Adult Screen Savers

Oops. Sorry about the comic, Craig Shoemaker on last night’s Screen Savers. I guess no one told him we were a family show. We’ll make sure to screen our guests a little better in future. We’ve already been taking heat from management on Jessica’s tight sweaters and some other stuff. I promise, we’re not going more adult. Especially not in our new time slot. It’s just a side effect of trying to do so much more.
I do think we’re going in the right direction. More interesting guests, more help, more projects, more appearances from our regulars Martin, Scott, Roger, Jessica, Megan, and, yes, Kate. We’re working on getting her on with a game weekly. I know you all like that.

But I’d love to hear what you think of the “new” Screen Savers now that we’ve got a week of shows under our belts. Cast your vote by clicking on the happy/sad faces. And your comments are welcome, too. I’ll forward them along to Paul.

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  1. the show has been great althoug i would like you guys to spend a little more time on e-mails and faxes like you were doing the last few weeks and maybe 1 or 2 more live calls instead of a special guest every day. also is it just me or did yours and pats wardrobe change a bit?

  2. Leo,
    A lot of your viewers like the tight sweaters, but it can distracting at times!!!!!!

  3. I love the new time spot now leo because it is more Convenient for me. I like what you are doing with the show. Keep up The Good Work!

  4. I think the new show is great, as has it been for the past few years. The new changes make the show seem much more enjoyable, and the extra half-hour helps include new segments (Leo’s boot camp — love it!).
    P.S: Sorry about the spycam picture. I know you weren’t sleeping, it just looked funny

  5. I think the new show is great, as has it been for the past few years. The new changes make the show seem much more enjoyable, and the extra half-hour helps include new segments (Leo’s boot camp — love it!).
    P.S: Sorry about the spycam picture. I know you weren’t sleeping, it just looked funny

  6. So true Mike, she shouldn’t have to hide something that isn’t her fault. She is a very attractive girl, but better than that, she seems to be very witty and intelligent. That makes her a great all around jewel.

  7. I love the new show the time kinda stinks for me on the west coast (az).
    I did not see any thing wrong with the commic’s act.
    I love everyone on the show even scott.
    Sory I dont spell so well

  8. I have been watching the Screensavers (ZDTV) since the very first episode and I think the new Format is great. Jessica Corbin is HOT and management has no right to tell her what she can and can’t wear. It’s called “Freedom of Expression”. Her segments have been “okay” not great, but i’ll make sure to watch, just to see her, because she has a pretty face in addition to her body. Also she seems to be very smart and well on her way to becoming a very smart computer geek (maybe she will even be a TechTV host one day). The new 90 min format is great. I always felt that Leo had to rush the show along to fit everything in, but now he looks much more relaxed. Martin new segment is lame. He should be doing something alot cooler such as doing more segments out of studio, ex. “Where Did All the Dot-Coms go?”. I’ve seen Stacee Barcelata since her very first appreances on ZDTV and am very happy to see her finaly get the recongnition she deserves as being one of the most beatiful woman on TechTV at Now about the Comic… I was laughing so hard i fell out of my chair. I thought the comic was great and there should be more guests on the show that “cross the line”. If Leo was concerned about how management would feel about the comics routine he should have stopped him when he got on the subject of his grandma and her marijuana. I for one am glad he didn’t stop the comic and instead laughed along with 99% of his viewers.
    P.S. Leo I love your Blog, It’s a great way for viewers to interact with you.
    Keep up the Great Show including the new format!

  9. The new format of The Screen Savers is absolutely wonderful. It is exactly what TSS needed. You now have more time to get “into” each segment. With only 60 minutes, the show moved too fast and we did not walk away with enough information about each topic.
    The recent guests have been very impressive. The producers of the TSS have done a great job in lining up quality guests. Great job!
    Leo is really the key to TSS’s success. His energy, humor, and creativity keeps us entertained. His knowledge is very much appreciated by the computing industry. His sincerity makes us feel that he really cares about us; which I really believe he does.
    Love Leo’s Boot Camp! Love Scott and the House Calls! Rodger Rocks too!
    The only problem with TSS is, unfortunately, Patrick Norton. I hate to say this, but Patrick is really annoying. Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy (he’s smart), but Leo & Patrick don’t mix too well. He is always trying to compete his knowledge against Leo’s. His pessimistic nature is too predictable and monotonous. I think it is time that Martin Sergeant takes over the reins as co-host. Less knowledge, but funnier, up-beat, and optimistic.
    Again, great job on the new format of The Screen Savers. I love the show and promote it all the time!
    Thank you for a great show,
    Michael J. Titera
    Fremont, CA

  10. lol you guys 🙂
    Yep, Jessica is a cutie, she’s also good at the segments she does so even better. A babe with techie tendencies, what guy could want more? Makes for even more of a fun show. And woo hoo on Kate coming on more. That’s a plus for sure. Megan’s great too — seems like she’s having just as much fun as Jessica is on the set.
    I thought you guys handled the adult remarks from the comedian quite well. You really didn’t have to do anything about it — those of us who know the network and the regulars know that that isn’t your style and the guy was kind of clueless (hey let’s talk nasty on a computer help show?). Good thing this wasn’t a cable in the classroom episode 😉
    Anyway, I think TSS is great, always has been, and with the additions of the new folks and segments and extra time, it’s even better. And I think the entire lineup of programming (ie TechLive) has smoothed out nicely. You guys don’t seem as nervous or flustered — it’s more comfortable and really easy to watch. Actually the best thing about it all is that all of my favorite hosts are on a lot more and in great combinations.
    I really enjoyed talking to Robyn in the chat room Friday. I was giving her and Erica tornado updates for Kansas, and some got on the air. I’m still alive luckily and no damage except for some hail, a missing trash can lid, and about 3 hours of rain fade on my DirecTV and DirecPC dishes (so was off of TechTV for a bit).
    Take care Leo! Love watching you and TechTV 🙂 Maybe someday I can come out and watch you live from the fancy counch you have there 😉

  11. Leo,
    I think TSS is the best thing since sliced bread. I didn’t think that the show could get any better, boy was I wrong. The new time and format is just what the show needed. I agree with some of the other comments, such as, seeing a little bit more of Martin and more time on faxes and emails. I am really pumped that Kate is going to be back on. I only got to see Kate on TSS for about a month, because I hadn’t discovered TechTV before then. I can’t imagine what my life was like before then. Let Jessica wear what she wants, whether it be a sports bra or a XXL sweat shirt. As long as she presents herself in a professional manner, I don’t see the real problem. The one thing that makes The Screen Savers such a wonderful show is that you guys are reachable. I feel like I really know you guys. Just because you interact with the fans so much, and everything isn’t rehearsed. It makes the show so much better being live than taped a week in advance. I hope you guys keep up the good work for years to come. Just don’t let the producers keep you guys from being yourselves.

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