Can’t we all just get along

I’m making matzoh ball soup this morning for a Passover seder we’re going to tonight while Abby is decorating Easter eggs for next week. We’re a pretty ecumenical household.
Meanwhile I read about Linus Torvalds trashing the Mach kernel in OS X in his new book. It’s perfectly appropriate for Linus to criticize Mach on its technical merits. It’s a shame when the media promotes it as platform bashing. (Maybe that was Linus’s intent, maybe not.)

Whether it’s in religious beliefs or platform preferences, diversity is vital. I believe our differences are what make us interesting. It’s our common experience that makes us human. Whether it’s Christian or Jewish, Mac or Windows (or Linux or Mach), we need each other to survive. Anything else is just an invitation to division, strife, and ultimately, failure.

Sure it’s fun to root for your side, but if the other team doesn’t show up, you can’t play the game.

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  1. i love this quote can i use it 🙂
    “Sure it’s fun to root for your side, but if the other team doesn’t show up, you can’t play the game.”

  2. hey Leo,
    this isn’t really related to your post but i wanted to give you a heads up about a couple of things.
    the first caller in “Leo’s Boot Camp” last night that wanted a way to control which programs startup in Windows 2000. i’ve been using a program for a few months called “Startup Control Panel.” if i’m not mistakin Pat showed this on air a few weeks ago for a Win2k tip. i guess you didn’t remember it though. it’s a nice little program.
    i also wanted to clear up some of your thoughts about running games as Administrator. *I* do always run as Admin which i know i probably shouldn’t for viruses and such, but i think i’m pretty safe since i don’t do anything that would put me at risk for a virus. anyway onto the point. first, some games NEED to be run as Administrator or they won’t work. but more importantly what you said about creating a regular user so that not as many services are running while gaming is incorrect. the whole point of a service is that it DOES run no matter what user is logged in. so creating a non admin does NOT stop any service from running. try it and you’ll see the SAME processes and the same memory usage in Task Manager as when you’re logged in as an Administrator. if somehow you’re seeing what looks like less services running, it could be that Win2k is simply hiding them from a non Administrator. the next point is that even IF there were less services running and hence less memory usage it wouldn’t affect game play AT ALL! the services that are running aren’t using ANY CPU time to speak of, and any of the RAM they are using can be paged out to the Pagefile if necessary. so in summary your games will run FINE without messing around with little things like that, Win2k will manage your memory very well.
    just a little P.S. – it was great to hear a few months ago that you put the 694D Pro dual mobo in your new system. that’s what i got a couple of months before you. and you have dual 866s just like mine (cool), except mine are 650s o/ced to 866. whew, it takes some work to o/c on that board, maybe that’s why you didn’t. LOL do you know about their forums are great.

  3. J. Steen’s comments really hit home with me. I too have had different computer formats through the years. I fondly remember my TRS-80 Model IV. I thought I was so cool at the time. The Model IV had two built in 5 1/4 floppies, 128K RAM, built in green monitor and ran TRS-DOS. The Model IV was an upgrade from a C-64 so the step up in power was remarkable to me at the time. From there I went to an IBM PC with a 20 meg HD. WOW, 20 megs. I was strictly a DOS user on the PC. Windows was an annoyance at the time. Who needs a mouse anyway! LOL
    On the subject of diversity, I grew up in with a Mother who was a devout Southern Baptist. I was raised to feel that it was the ONLY religion and the ONLY real belief. As I matured, I was able to see how narrow minded that is and see the merits of all religions. We all worship the same God, just in different ways. I am reminded of an old gospel song I have heard through the years. One of the lines goes something like, “There is only one kind of religion in the land where angels roam. We should walk together, helping one another, while traveling here.”
    A very joyous Easter and Passover to all!

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  5. well, from what i understand about linus and Mach, there’s a long history on his part of antipathy toward microkernel OS’s. i don’t know the technical merits of the business, but it’s not necessarily Apple, or even OS X in particular, that Linus is bagging on.
    that said, the last thing the world needs is a war of words between the two most doctrinaire groups of computer users in the world: Mac fiends and Linux freaks. the only way it could get worse would be to throw Napster into the mix.
    and i say this as a pretty severe Mac partisan. i think both the Mac and open source/BSD communities can reap huge benefits from OS X’s near-perfect (when it’s finished) experiment. but only if people are willing to learn.
    on the upside, i’ve been using OS X as my sole OS since the day it came out. i’ve only booted back into OS 9 two or three times, and then only to check on some Classic settings.
    OS X, far from being the unfinished mess it’s been made out to be, is about the best OS i’ve ever used. and it’s just getting started. but that’s just my opinion.

  6. Open mindedness is a good thing — free up a lot of time that hate would otherwise take up. I personally use an IBM, have for years and I like the control that I have by being able to boot to a DOS prompt and mess with things before the gui loads up. I had a TI-99/4A, TRS-80, and C-64 before that and enjoyed them all. I’ve also used Macs. I don’t have a Mac now because most of the software I’ve purchased only works on IBM (yes even if I had the emulation software on Mac it wouldn’t help – Everquest just wouldn’t work, and I can’t give up that!). 🙂 If Apple ever released an OS for use on the Intel/AMD based machines I would buy it and make a multi-boot system in a minute.
    I also consider myself a Christian, but I feel that most belief systems have some extremely strong and valid points. I’ve been sitting here tonight reading a book called “Keeping Passover” because it’s interesting and it helps me to understand why others believe and practice what they do. We do need each other or the world would be a very boring place.

  7. This is a weird passover for me, because I am not able to go home, no matter what your beliefs are, there are certain ceramonies that help to strengthen the ties of family and community, I only wish that everyone would keep that in mind whenever whatever celebration that means a great deal to you comes up.
    Its sad that some groups can only define themselfs by what they are against. It creates a whole us vs them division that isnt healthy.
    I did have dinner with some people that I strongly disagree with on a number of major issues, it was great to have a resonable discussion, with everyone respecting the logic of other peoples beliefs, but feeling free to state their own beliefs, and how they came to the conclusion they did. In fact, we all discovered we agreed with each other more than we thought, we just had different views about solutions.
    I guess its all about respect for others, and yourself.
    have a great Passover or Easter.

  8. Leo,
    You are right we need diversity in the computer industry. I am tired of the MACvs. PC and the Windows vs. Linux vs. MAC OS. People will always have there prefence on what platform they like the best. The point is that there are many platforms to choose from. Take that way and the computer industry would be dull. You never hear GM trash a Ford or the other way around. I also fault the media for incuraging it. That is why I like Tech TV you tell me about my options in the computer world, with out trashing one for the other. I think that diversity keep the computer industry fun, I like having to learn new platforms.
    Just as a side question what do you think of Windows XP? I am building my own computer this summer and I am thinking of using that as my OS.
    Have a good and relaxing weekend.

  9. After posting that last message, I came to the conclusion that it could be taken as mocking the beliefs of the previous poster. I want to take this chance to apologize to him, and to anyone else here, if I have offended you. I was simply attempting to point out the problems in responding to a post talking about the merits of diversity by stating that “everyone” should accept one belief system, in this case Christianity. I did not mean it as a personal attack on anyone or anyone’s beliefs. I just wanted to get that out of the way in the hopes that it might prevent someone from becoming angry with me. Thank you for your time.

  10. Ahhh, ZZ Top, I do remember them fondly. I had all of their albums in 1974 and thought they were the best! Tres Hombres was my favorite album, but Rio Grande Mud was great too. Saw them in concert a couple of times as a environmentally enlightened teenager. I even remember most of what they played!
    “I just got paid today, got me a pocket full of change”
    My best memories though are seeing Led Zeppelin twice. No one can top Page and Plant. That is just my opinion though, and I could be wrong.

  11. Doh! Thanks, Matt. I’ll add it to the show notes for last night (they don’t go out until the weekend) giving credit where credit is due.
    Fewer services do run for non-admin users. So setting up a plain old user account for gaming is a good idea. You may have to install as admin but I’ve never found a game I can’t play as a user.
    The risk of running as admin is no only what you’ll do – it’s what a trojan horse might do when you’re logged in as root. Windows 2000 doesn’t make it as easy as Linux to live as a user, it’s true, but there are ways!

  12. Leo-
    I can’t get over the fact that you are not doing the CFH show. what even more boggles my mind is that you are doing the mac tip. just seems to be something very dirty about that. oh man, it gives me shivers just to think about it much less to see it for real.oh well off to bed.
    BTW- when is Megan and Jessica starting there blog. something else haas crossed my tired little mind also we have seen you, your kids, but never have seen your wife!! is she camera shy or just prefers to have herself seprate from the glitz and glamour that is Leo Laporte

  13. I have never been a fan of Mac’s for lots of reasons, one being that even though the GUI was “easier” than command line (guess it shows how long I have been playing with ‘puters, I never liked their GUI so I was turned off. Since OS X came out, I have been looking more and more at it. I guess because it is because of the UNIX base that I like (well Linux really!). I just wish Apple wasn’t so darn proud of the Mac’s with their cost!
    Greg Shoemaker withstanding, I thought last nights TSS was the best one I have seen. I didn’t see it live (went out to eat with the wife) so I saw the refeed at 10ET. I thought it neat someone had edited silent parts into the show for the Carlin words! Fast work!
    I never watched ZDTV so I never saw Kate doing the show with you, but if you guys keep going in the same direction, you will (do) have something that is rare in television! Good quality programming that is entertaining and educational, which is what televison says and VERY RARELY delivers. (Boy do I know about that one!)
    I do wish you could take more phone calls, but hey! You only got 90 minutes!
    Looking forward to the Linux install. (even if I am a Red Hat lover!)
    Oh one other thing. Great segments on the audio pc. At work we have a PC based audio network that I keep up where we record audio on one PC and it is stored on a server and is available for playback at 12 other workstations. We started out using the SB cards and changed to Card D’s about 4 years ago. It started out as a 486 SX50 running Win 3.1 system of 13 and we replaced and added a total of 15 PII-400’s and running a Dell PowerServer running Novell in 1999 with Win95. We do not use ANY magnetic audio tape around the station now. (Just video but that is going away fast.)
    Keep up the great work on TSS and keep’um guessing on TechLive! That is showing improvement too.

  14. This is very off topic but I see that many people are going to you “blog” or whatever you call it to see what going on in your very busy life, Mr. Laporte. Linus by the way should relax, get some rest and stop bashing people like that, it does not help anyone at all. TSS has inproved 100x and I am so happy. Maybe I will stop disliking someone named Leo Laporte soon…not trying to be mean of course.
    P.S.: Tell Patrick for me that he is VERY, and I mean very cute.

  15. Leo,
    I couldn’t agree more with your comments on diversity. What really matters is what is in a person’s heart, not what they believe or look like.
    On a computer related issue… Do you recommend that a novice Mac user upgrade to Mac OS X? I have an iBook with a dvd player. Techtv’s website says that OS X does not yet support dvd players. Would I still be able to use the dvd player that is on 9.1? I have 192 megs of RAM which should be enough but can easily upgrade ( has 256 megs for $139). Any help is appreciated.

  16. Clapton IS NOT God. You are worshipping at the foot of a false idol! Billy Gibbons (and the rest of ZZTOP)is GOD!
    “…and on this, the seventh day of the week, God (Billy) declared that every sharp dressed man shall go to thine kitchen, eat upon BBQ and Potato Salad, and settle in for some holy music from the divine Stereo Receiver…”
    And do it fast, cuz Jesus just left Chicago, and he’s almost here!!!!

  17. What is happen to The BE OS?
    i am surprize that Linus Torvalds has not trash win linux 2000 or phat linux?
    for the mac faithful, if Steve jobs next big invention is the NEW LISA II+ running OS 11 base on pro dos! they would inbrase anything steve dreams up!
    I rather worship KATE BOTELLO any
    day of the week! all of other worlds Religion & Beliefs just don’t work
    all of the worlds wars were (more oe less) base on Religious indifference

  18. While I also respect diversity, I believe that everyone needs to accept Eric Clapton as their personal savior. Take this upcoming easter week and listen to some Cream albums. Disraeli Gears should do nicely. I think you’ll agree that Clapton is god!
    Sorry. I just don’t like it when people try to force their beliefs or opinions on others. Then again, I’m trying to force my opinion that forcing opinions on others on others myself, so who am I to talk. 🙂

  19. Sir I will go with Windows and Linux and with all do respect follow what Steve Jobs says Sir! Personally I never touched a MAC except in a store. I have always been a Windows fan even though I hardly can use a MAC. There is tons more software on the PC and the PC has more features (Well I think so.)Though some day I’ll buy a MAC. Zzzzzzz……. I gotta go to bed. Was up at 3am……………………………. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

  20. Sir I will go with Windows and Linux and with all do respect follow what Steve Jobs says Sir! Personally I never touched a MAC except in a store. I have always been a Windows fan even though I hardly can use a MAC. There is tons more software on the PC and the PC has more features (Well I think so.)Though some day I’ll buy a MAC. Zzzzzzz……. I gotta go to bed. Was up at 3am……………………………. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

  21. “Fewer services do run for non-admin users. So setting up a plain old user account for gaming is a good idea. You may have to install as admin but I’ve never found a game I can’t play as a user.”
    can you tell me which service(s) is(are) not running for non-admin users? MAYBE there are some that would run only as Admin, but i have no idea why. there weren’t when i tried it. i stand by what i said – what is the point of a service? to RUN no matter what (or if no) user is logged in! and as i said even if less were running, as long as they don’t use CPU time (they don’t) it makes ZERO difference! this isn’t directed just to you Leo, but everyone that is concerned about saving a few MB of RAM. if a process is just sitting there idle its memory usage will be paged out to the HD IF it’s necessary! if you have enough RAM available and no other program (game) wants it, Win2k will keep it in RAM as there’s no reason to not have it there. when you run your game, or any program, Win2k will do what is necessary (only what it can if you’re short on RAM) to give it the physical RAM it wants (i.e. move ALL other processes’ virtual address space to the HD). what confuses people is that the Mem Usage column (or Mem Usage on the status bar) in Task Manager is NOT how much physical RAM is being used! the closest you can get to seeing how much physical RAM you have available (and therefore you can find out how much is being “used”) is to look at Task Manager’s Perf tab > Physical Memory > Available.
    again, even if these services were using physical RAM, if you’re concerned about 2 or 3 MB, and your game ran better b/c of it, then those services running isn’t your problem, you need more RAM!
    i used to be trying to do the same kind of stuff with disabling services, blah blah, but not anymore, since i found out from an expert, it’s all pageable code. ZERO negative effect on your computing. check out the book “Inside Windows 2000 3rd Edition,” it explains all this stuff very well.
    i’d like to see someone back up these theories. if you run a game benchmark, i bet you wouldn’t even see 1/10th FPS better. why? because it doesn’t do anything!
    BTW, i don’t have any game that has to be run as Admin, but i have seen people say they have one that does (just the other day in fact).

  22. Why is this night different from all other nights? Because this night I watched 3 ScreenSavers in a row after getting home after a long weekend celebrating the wonderful “matozh ball” and enjoying some great Spring weather, 88 degrees and sunny and the next minute cold, rainy and windy with hail and lightning! The East Coast sure has weird weather this time of year. Luckily we didn;t see a plague of frogs.

  23. As I’ve met Linus personally a few times, I can almost guarantee you that he wasn’t bashing the platform. He’s not that way…

  24. While I do respect diversity, I beleive everyone needs Jesus as their personal savior. Take this upcoming easter week and read some of the Gospel of Luke. Count your Blessings instead of your shortcomings or failures.
    Happy Easter Leo and readers!

  25. Leo:
    I’ve been helping for our seder tonight aswell. I wish you and your family a wonderful passover. I feel the same way about you beleifs.
    Chag Sameach & Shabbat Shalom,
    Ron Radom

  26. My vote is for the solo work of Steve Winwood. Words to live by: While you see a chance, take it . . . not to mention the autobiographical Back In The High Life [he claims it wasn’t autobiography, so may I have it? 🙂 ] Arthur

  27. What is happen to The BE OS?
    i am surprize that Linus Torvalds has not trash win linux 2000 or phat linux?
    for the mac faithful, if Steve jobs next big invention is the NEW LISA II+ running OS 11 base on pro dos! they would inbrase anything steve dreams up!

  28. Well, as a Deadhead, I can only state the the music is god, and the people that channel it are next to godliness….. 8^)
    Though I’ve had my share of great times at ZZ Top shows, man oh man, those guys are brilliant!
    Hrm, wonder if Napster has any bootlegs of Top live shows?
    Gota go!

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