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  1. Great pix of you and tux!!!!!!!Thanks for the quality tv you give us through the screensavers. I am sorry that I, along with others here, have made it sound as if we only have to watch tv all day and techtv is out life. I realized that I was making too much out of what they have done to techtv when you posted the remarks the other night that it was a job. If we all were in a playland, I am sure we could justify our complaining, but we are not in a playland, this is reality. You take the job and do what you are told because you have reponsibilities that are far beyond what the audience could fathom. You do what is necessary to make a living and provide for your family, like most of us here. I will quit rambling, I just wanted to say that I am sorry that I have clogged up your blog with so many comments, when one was sufficient. I realize that change is tough for everyone, and I am sure you are having to adjust big time. So, I am going to quit complaining and be thankful that there is at least a techtv, no matter how much it changes. And most importantly, I am thankful that there are people like you out there in the world, you are truly a good man.

  2. Hi. I have a question, and I figure this is as good a place as any to ask it. I am trying to make a picture in photoshop (for possible submission as a (finger quotes)Fridge Picture(more finger quotes), and I found usable pictures of Leo and Patrick, but I can’t seem to find a good head-on photo of Martin Sargent. I need his picture to finish my masterpiece, but all the pictures I have found so far have been with him looking off to the side and such. If anyone has a picture I can use (or if Leo could have him sit in front of his desk cam for a few seconds before or after the show :-)), I would much appreciate the help. Thanks.

  3. Excuse me Leo — I’m not a big Linux user, but it looks as if there is stuff out there to do Linux webcam snapshots:
    (“Scripts included that show how to use mcam to upload to your ISP’s ftp / web server”)
    And probably a lot more. But I guess maybe your camera isn’t supported or it’s too kludgy? Just FYI on the remote chance you haven’t tried it already.
    — Brandon

  4. Hey Leo, I like the new TSS cam.. How can I setup a cam like that of my own..?
    Also I really love TSS show.. I learn somthing new everyday and only thing that makes me happy in life is taking computers apart and trying to put them back together and just building them.. They say your carrer should be what you enjoy doing most.. I am 18 and am wondering what corse to take in collage next year, any suggestions? Also I worked at a fast food place until recently and I don’t enjoy flipping burgers too much.. 🙂

  5. I took the kids to see Pokemon 3 movie today, so I missed most of TSS, as I forgot to set the VCR before we left. 🙁 Anyway, I was so excited when I turned it on for the last few minutes of the show, and got to see Kate join you on the set! It was great seeing her again! She adds so much to the show! I’m glad to hear that there will be more of her in coming shows! o/ You go girl!

  6. Never mind. I was able to use parts of one picture, and paint in the rest with Photoshop. I hope you enjoy!

  7. It was great seeing Kate tonight on TSS!
    This day in history:
    It was 1 year ago today that Kate did her last TSS.

  8. what happens to the old ultimate gaming machines ? do you take them outside and shoot them ?

  9. Yeah Leo, you betta show a Penguin…you don’t want me to have to lay the Linux smackdown on ya! =P

  10. Leo,
    Great cam pix! I see you put Tux to bed behind you! I guess Tux is just as tired as you are from the new schedule. 😉 It’s so much fun to come and see what new comments or new pix you have up!

  11. Dear Leo,
    I am a native New Yorker around your age who you turned on to computers. The only course I had taken in college was with punch cards in the middle 70’s where we learned rudimentary versions of Cobol and Fortran and did some primitive programming. (I am an optometrist practicing in Englewood, NJ which accounts for the e-mail address above.) On the air you said you were raised in Providence, RI, but in your written bio it says were born in NY so maybe we were raised near each other for a time.
    I discovered ZDTV at a relative’s house in Brooklyn. It was thrown in by her cable carrier and my first vision was of Kate Botello with bangs nearly covering her eyes. It made me wonder where the show was originating from, but a week or two later the people in SF probably made it known that the hair style was a bit behind the times, like when I was in elementary school. I really miss her on the air. Everyone else seems to be doing the news, why was she relegated to one hour on gamespot?
    Anyhow, in the beginning I had no idea what you were talking about, but whenever I visited in Brooklyn I watched to the consternation of my relatives who were angry at me for monopolizing the TV. As time went on I learned more and more and now can build my own computer. I lost my fear when I saw that you and Kate and now Patrick tear it apart and the computers still work. With all the people on TechTV who know so much I wonder how they picked Patrick, who is brilliant, over all the others. They all seem to be geniuses.
    My point is that all us chunky-around-the-middle baby boomers need instruction. We didn’t grow up with computers. We need Call for Help and The Screen Savers and more shows showing us how to program and fix computers, not hours of the same news that can be found on CNBC. All the cable news stations cover the stock market during the day, the strength you guys have are with Roger, Marty, Becky , Patrick and yourself telling us what to do when things get fouled up. There are tons of books around telling us how to use the computers as Dummies or Idiots guides. They don’t tell us what to do when there is a problem. Instead of having you exhaust yourself, maybe everyone should do an hour. That’s my two cents. Have a Happy Easter, Mark

  12. Leo, you are actually live on your webcam! I have never been on when you are on live. This is kinda cool! I am writing a meta analysis for my stats/research class in my MA program. What are you up to? Sorry about the sappy post above!

  13. Hi Leo and everyone else reading this blog!
    Whatever happened to Rick Spence? He was on the March 13, 2001 Screensavers explaining the difference between consumer and pro camcorders. I thought he was going to do a series on video and the internet, but I haven’t seen him on the show since then.
    I was hoping that he would join the Tech TV staff of hosts.
    In Joy! Diana
    Listings for Geek-tv programs this weekend:
    If this link doesn’t work, try clicking on my name in blue below.

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