Seattle Dates confirmed

I just received confirmed dates for The Screen Savers On The Road in Seattle. We’ll be doing the show from Seattle October 13-14. Hope to see you there.
I found out that the reason my trip this month to Cincinatti and Charleston WV was cancelled is that the Time-Warner operator in Cincy bailed on us. We will be rescheduling Charleston WV for later this year. Possibly when we hit Norfolk in September.

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  1. Leo:
    Are you considering ever bringing the show to New York? I don’t even know if it airs there, but it is one of the largest cities in the US, and more importantly, it would allow me to come to any public appearances that might be associated with the trip (and that’s what’s really important, isn’t it? Making sure I am happy? :-))
    Also: What is going on with TechLive today? Between the constant comments about Stacee on, Steve Abrams basically yelling “There’s no money in softcore porn!” to the guy, and the various teleprompter-reading problems and joking around, the show seems to already be losing its facade of sterile professionalism. This probably couldn’t hurt the show, as the more laid-back atmosphere is one of the things that makes shows like TSS so good, but right now, it seems a bit disconcerting. What they need to do is find a good balance between zaniness and professionalism. Your shows seem to have found this balance pretty well, so if this is the direction they’ve decided to take, they could probably take some lessons from you and the other people involved with these shows.
    There. Either this message sounds enlightened and interesting, or stupid and insulting. I only wish I could tell which before I hit “Post.” Oh well.

  2. Hey Leo! Look what TNT is airing this month!
    (Times listed are central time zone)
    Pirates of Silicon Valley
    Type: TV Movie / Drama (1999)
    Duration: 2 hr
    Description: The quirky visionaries behind Apple Computer and Microsoft make fortunes and transform the world. (Home Video)
    Director: Martyn Burke
    Performers: John Di Maggio, Bodhi Pine Elfman, Anthony Michael Hall, Josh Hopkins, Joey Slotnick, Noah Wyle
    Parental Rating: TV-14
    Airing: Fri 4/6/01 11:00pm G5-17 TNT
    Sat 4/7/01 1:00am G1-15 TNT
    Sat 4/7/01 12:00pm G5-17 TNT
    Sat 4/7/01 3:00pm G1-15 TNT

  3. Hey, Leo, still (and yet) another plug. Okay, how about Atlanta? I know, I have to get At&T to ask you to come.

  4. Leo,
    sorry to hear you wont be visiting us in Cincinnati, I can only hope it will be rescheduled.
    I hate to say this but my wife says i am your clone (scary huh) and as Ive only been in this country for 6 months i hope immigration dont make the same assumptions.
    I think the UK needs your show

  5. Michael — Leo’s on in New York, and everywhere else, via Dish Network as well as DirecTV. I don’t know about the cable companies, but you could check their web sites. (ZDTV was not on Time Warner cable when I left them.)
    It would make sense for Leo to visit “Silicon Alley” in NY since he’s still got Silicon Ali at Leoville.
    — Brandon

  6. Just be sure to get plenty of sleep while you’re there in Seattle…no need to stay up all night…suffering from a lack of sleep…while you’re in Seattle…

  7. Hey Leo,
    I’m a big fan of yours and I just wanted to tell ya that when you do
    come to Charleston,WV,I’m there dude.
    Take Care,

  8. Leo,
    Nice show last night (TSS). During your BOOT CAMP segment someone asked you about a video card upgrade. All he had was a free PCI slot. There is a Geforce2 MX PCI solution. Do a search under for Geforce2 MX PCI. has one for $99.00!! Take Care.

  9. OK, yet another shameless plug to beg you to come to another town, here goes…
    Hey Leo, when are you coming to the Denver/Boulder area. I would love to meet you guys, and, uh, meet you guys… hmmmm, I guess I hadn’t thought it out past that part…but, still, the sentiment remains. Come to Colorado, see the beautiful mountains, ski slopes, and, of course, the Majestic Moose!

  10. Hmm….TechTV IS on Time Warner cable in NYC, apparently. Well, now you have no excuse!

  11. Hey Leo, what happened to you and Pat reading e-mails on the sofa at the end of the Screen Savers? I liked the sofa better than thoese chairs.

  12. Leo,
    When are you coming to Louisiana? We’ve got some great Cajun food down here!
    BTW, what are the dates for Austin? Maybe I can drive on over?

  13. Hey Leo, when are you coming to Pennsylvania and where? I’d like t go see you and Pat again. Thanks alot!

  14. Ah! Pirates of Silicon Valley. Good movie, although I wonder if either Bill Gates or Steve Jobs are that….creepy….in real life. Actually, they probably are. Plus, it has all that sweet sweet Moody Blues music in the soundtrack.

  15. i want to conect an older TV that is 1080I and only has component inputs to an HDMI divice, is there a converter to do this and will I lose picture quality?

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