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Lots of great feedback in your comments to the previous post. Thanks. You should probably cut and paste your comments into a message to since I don’t think anyone from TechTV reads my blog.
For obvious reasons I can’t be as candid here as you all have been, but I agree with most of the criticisms. I have had the same concerns all along. I’ve always preferred cheesy, small-time, homey TV to slick TV – we made Call for Help that way on purpose. If I could find someone who would let me continue to do a show like that I’d be there in a flash. But, as AJ Liebling said, the power of the press belongs to the guy who owns the press.

TechTV may not be perfect, but it’s the only game in town.

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  1. I recall leo saying that the TechTV managment thought of him as the Emiril of TechTv, I think they have it wrong, without a doubt he is the Julia Childs (as was pointed out on a earlier post) Frankly, it seems as if your strongest talents are (to a degree) being wasted by making you an anchor. Your talent is that you educate, entertain, and empower your viewers. Taking you away from the interaction with the viewers is a loss, though at least they left the screensavers alone for the most part, and Leo’s boot camp is a hint that at least some of the managment “Get It” but even on the screensavers, it feels as though the calls are fewer than they were before. (nope, I’m not so anal as to actually keep tabs on such things)
    I guess it reminds me of when Larry King left radio for CNN, man, there is a magic that happened in the wee hours when he did Open Lines that I really miss, I feel that was his strength to communicate with everyone.
    So I’m all for you doing a nightly, or weekly net phone in show, and I’m sure there would be enough advertisers to make it worth your while. (heck, just get Crucial to underwrite the whole thing, it would be a perfect thing for them, and its a product that you can be proud of selling)
    Also, the new lady on TSS, is she like the 7 Of 9 of TSS? Her casting seems sorta aimed at the .. er… male audience members.
    Though she does seem to have a bit of sass in her, which I like.
    Well, I hope your still happy there, it seems like a great group of people, and TSS is a show that you can be proud of.

  2. Being in the broadcast buz for a VERY large, well known broadcast/movie/syndication company based in LA, these things happen, and usually because of money (or lack there of). I never watched ZDTV. It made no sense. TechTV told me what it was and I started watching. Same channel, different name. I do like the homey stuff, but to be honest, TechLive isn’t that bad. You can’t expect it to gel after 2 days and week or two of rehearsal. It doesn’t work that way. It takes time and I can see everyone is nervous and stiff because it is different. They are trying something new and live TV is the most difficult thing you have ever done, if you have ever done it. I am willing to give it a try and it is better than the 14 reruns a day of Internet Tonight.
    I am sorry to see you leave CFH Leo, but chin up. As a former jock myself, radio is ALWAYS easier than TV! That should make you enjoy TSS even more.
    I don’t know you Leo, but I feel like I do. You have hit the mark my friend. Break a leg!

  3. I’m confused here guys – TechTV is suppose to be all Tech all the time. Well since the new “TechLive” format came into play it seems to be all “The Money Machine” all the time. Don’t get me wrong I love keeping up with the market but I think there is enough of this layout on CNN. Leo and Pat rock! They both bring comedy and very informative shows to TechTV. The new lay out could be alot better in my opinion. But who am I?

  4. OK OK OK ….heres my think if it worth n e thing …. i love techtv …. i watched it none stop for like a year … but i haven’t cause i dont have cable n e more so ive been missing it for about 4 months now ….. but when i go over my moms house with is like every 2 weeks or so its the only thing i watch and …. for the lest 2 months every time i watch it ive noticed it getting a little bit worse every time and boring and less insrating.
    i think from a year after it started to about when it changed over to tech TV was ZDTV’s prime it was great. the “homey” TV feeling was radiating from the TV screen i loved it. But IM MY OPITION EVER SINCE IT CHANGED OVER TO TECH TV…. its has been slow getting botchered everthing it satnded for and the information it was ment to bring has all but been lost. I haven’t seen tech live yet but i hope to get tech tv back soon …. i think that you turn on MSNBC or CNN …. they ahve more tech news and get to the point just as well as tech live does in its span of nine hours of original programing …. Lest how they can fix this …. and if this results in leo not coming back in well his contract run out agin ….its going to **** :(….
    ok im done …. oh yeah leo i know you dont remember this but i meet you in one of your pennsylvania operaneces and i ahve a limp bizkit shirt on , and then on the screen savers the night after you talked about “a kid with a limp bizzzzkit shirt on” LOL….. its made my year …thanks

  5. “For obvious reasons I can’t be as candid here as you all have been, but I agree with most of the criticisms…”
    Leo, As a fellow blogger, I know what it’s like to have to hold back opinions on sensitive issues, and I think that’s it is probably for the better that TechTV execs don’t read your blogs. It’s hard to keep home life and work life seperate when you put such heart into your work. I’ll be sure to pass along my opinions of the new format to the decision makers.
    Just never forget that the ‘heart’ is why I watch TechTV. The personalities TechTV hosts use to convey their ideas is what keeps me coming back. And I know I’m not alone. They can slap a new set in there, put you in fancier clothing and cut to commercial 15 more times, but ultimately, it’s still you there on the screen, and that’s why we watch.
    I too, prefer cheesy, small-time, homey TV to slick TV. And it scares me to see that change. Of course, the introduction of Photoshop 3.0 scared me. So maybe it’s just me. I’m not ruling that out. Just hang in there, Leo. We know things will work out!
    On a totally unrelated note, I was curious about your degree.. do you stay up on Chinese happenings? What do you think of this spy plane mess?
    Faithful viewer, big fan,
    Brian 🙂

  6. Hello,
    Well here we go! I wouldn’t mind seeing TechTV news on the new set. But why does every show have to be on the same set? (Of course TSS is on it’s own set.) This new thing where everything is on one set and everything you CAN see is a repeat of what came on last hour or 10min ago. I really wish that TechLive and Call for Help could be separated from each other. Why can’t we see the things that Becky is pointing to? I think that those monitors should be more viewable and should be touch screen so that Becky could just touch it like she tried to do yesterday, instead of depending on Scott. I think that if you are going to have 9 hours of Live programming, why can’t it be something different every few min instead of the same thing? (Don’t you think that is just wasting our time and your money if everything is the same over and over and over again?)
    I really wish that you would consider everyone’s comments that have been posted. I think that it would be more helpful than some big guys in a big office. Why don’t you listen to the people that matter, the people we like to call the viewers.
    Thank you,

  7. i gotta say i dont know how old the director is of techlive(cause it seems like they just walked into the control room,lots of dead air!).But they have some kind of cueing can this be on this supposedly tech savvy channel?
    i dont like the new format but we will see what is to come.
    sorry to see you go Leo you made CFH interesting to watch,even repeats, and kept a great balance between kitsch and info.

  8. Justin, you do realize that Leo is the employee, right? He’s said rather clearly that while he largely agrees with the criticisms he is rather powerless to put things back the way they were.
    That’s why he suggested you try to direct comments to TechTV MANAGEMENT at You might wish to do so.
    What I find rather striking is that in the 70-80 posts on the matter, there were no more than 2 or 3 people who were even MILDLY pleased with the new format! Perhaps the “New Coke” analogy said it best.
    I just thank my stars (Leo and Patrick?) that they left The Screen Savers alone.
    — Brandon

  9. Leo, I think this says it all. I had both my fiance and mother in the room at the same time yesterday when I went to the new TechLive for the first time. Mother says, “why is Leo wearing a suit?”…fiance says “this looks like CNN”…followed by “this sucks!”.
    Leo, those are the people you have lost forever. I actually caught both of them in the last year watching TechTV on their own! There is no way that they will ever watch again. Mom, never could keep up with TSS, but she loved TCH. Both of them always came away with something new during TCH. Now it is just a cluttered mess.
    I’ll still watch TSS…which remains the best show on TV.

  10. You know, when you perform an OS patch or a major systems change, there’s usually a backout strategy, to get you back where you started in the event of serious problems or catastrophe.
    I suspect it doesn’t usually work that way with The Media. But if TechTV was advertised as “ZDTV Version 2.0” and therefore I imagine TechLive’s incarnation would be Version 3.0, does TechTV have a backout plan, to revert to the old show formats, if the negative feedback is as universal as is exhibited here at Leoville?
    Or, more likely, do they (a) not really care since it’s the appearance of change that pays the big thinkers, and (b) have no way to chuck the project without losing face?
    — Brandon, adding way too many comments for his own good

  11. Leo: I think you should indeed show the comments here to TechTV. The material here is seriously the best in information and critique. We write the words, thanks to you and your Blog and you can carry our words to the people that not only can read them but have the power to change things.
    Oh, and one thing. It was a pleasure for me to be able to appear on Call for Help today to wish Scott and Becky well, but to keep things moving I didn’t have the chance. Please give them my heartfelt congrats for me. I think CFH really needs to get off that set/TechLive format but Scott and Becky are doing great despite the kinks of that set.

  12. Leo-
    I have to say, I am really disappointed with TechLive. This is no reflection on you personally (I love you), but this new format is for the birds! No one wants this kind of news and information all day. Leave the news and national headlines to MSNBC. Tech TV should have kept to their original format. I can almost guarantee that Tech TV will lose tons of viewers because of this change. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t bother to watch anymore. Just as someone else said, you should create your own network! The new ScreenSavers is, however, awesome! The extra half hour really adds a lot to the show. I wish you the best, and good luck with hosting TechLive (I’m sure it’s a zoo!)
    Always a faithful viewer,
    -Ozzie Norris
    Slidell, LA

  13. Allright Everybody —
    We’ve got a job to do. Let’s find venture capital for Leo to start his own geeky entertainment empire!
    (emptying pockets) I’ve got . . . $7.26 . . . and a crumpled Lotto ticket. Oh dear. Well, remember the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
    Big Love and Smooches to the Fabu Silver-haired Geek,

  14. I apologize — this is off-topic. I just tried to view Leo’s Access Magazine column, and I couldn’t because it tells me with both a page AND a pop-up that “to enter our site cookies [and JavaScript] must be enabled”. The ironic part is that the main graphic on that screen is an image of the front cover of the magazine with a single headline – “The SNOOPS Are Out There”.
    — Brandon (continuing to not be Clark)

  15. Leo,
    Just wanted to say I wrote techtv yesterday, but at a different address. So, I took the comments I posted in my last Blog entry (which were much longer than my first comments anyway), edited them, and sent them to the address.
    Keep up the great work Leo! You do great work, it’s just that the network heads need to get a clue as to what the majority of the audience wants. 😉

  16. It just occurred to me. Before Vulcan plopped down bajillions of dollars on TechLive (a consultant’s bill of goods?), did they even TRY to run a focus group based on their intended audience? I am just curious, because again, the ad hoc “focus group” assembled here at Leoville seems to speak (almost) with one voice, and that voice is saying “WahhhhH!”. In any case, continued good luck to you Leo.
    — Brandon

  17. TECHLIVE has taken some very good talented people and made them look like newbies (Poor Pam at the stock market). I could not tell if I was watching TechTV, CNN, Fox News, CNBC, or MSNBC.
    And What’s with the messed up screen? Designed to make a 36″ TV into a 13″ Viewing area?
    I would think they would hear the huge CLICK Of all the remotes turning the station.
    Good Luck To you Leo, You are the best thing they have had there.

  18. I, too, went to Tech Tv and gave them my 2 cents worth on the feed back form. I also posted on the Tech Tv message board (does anyone at Tech Tv actually read that?) I posted in the area for Tech Tv issuses. E.B. (to: Jeannette, I’ve got a crumpled Lotto ticket to add to yours,and if I ever hit it, I’ll let you know when we can do a hostile takeover of Vulcan Ventures.) :^) Elizabeth

  19. I too tried again today. Too confusing, too depressing (all the Nastaq numbers) too little information of interest. I have learned so much these past years from ZDTV/TechTV, but I don’t have the time or the patience to wait around in the afternoon for some kind of Call for Help. I will watch The screen Savers again tonight but often the info there is over my head.
    Just wanted to share my opinion.

  20. I’m wondering what the female TSS audience thinks of the new girl…Honestly, I think she’s not really there yet as a “cohost”…her on-air presentation kinda seems stiff and forced. Plus, there’s no dancing!

  21. Hi Leo,
    As a computer geek I feel like im not in the same league with the Tech Live show. I don’t own any stocks/bonds, and all with the nasdeq professionals talking with carmine or pam, they go right over my head and I feel like Im not part of the same Techie group anymore.
    Just me two cents worth.

  22. The old Call For Help was much better …..
    I was there from the start you know about 3 yrs. ago or so…..
    Just a very good show ….
    Well now as far as the new cfh I will not watch it anymore at all

  23. I just tried to watch a little bit of techlive before leaving for work and I could not do it. I had that crap on all day yesterday and I was so disappointed in it that today I just couldn’t do it. I actually started to get mad. I don’t like it, I don’t like the ticker things clogging up the screen and the whole thing is creepy and makes me feel uncomfortable.

  24. I really like the new TechTV Live format, there are less repeats throught the day. I like the extra 1/2 hour on the screen savers, (I get to see more of the crazy Leo!!) I also like the new Silicon Spin, they still get to argue but it is more managed and you can hear everyone. Not like before when they walked and talked over each other. The only thing I miss is seeing you on Call For Help 🙁
    One of your many Fans.

  25. He said that there was a boobie linux. He got that one right! Of course, Jessica might have been the inspiration for “boobie linux!!!!!!”

  26. Ok, too much complaining for me – It’s not THAT bad; let’s move onto another topic.

  27. Leo.. Hey If I had the money I would start a new TV station for Leoville Live! I like the work you do on TSS and I miss your call for help show.
    Keep up the good work and keep bloging…

  28. It keeps on getting worse. I thought the second day would be better for tech live, but it was actually worse. Please, someone, anyone, do something before we lose techtv all together. I believe the XFL was a better idea than tech live, and everyone knows how bad of an idea XFL has turned out to be.

  29. You said on a past show you’d like to do a call in radio show over the web from your home at night…I think It’s a cool idea and you should try it sometime.

  30. The Screen Savers was great! I loved Leo’s comment at the end when he mentioned the 90 hour version of the show! What a long day, you had Leo! I am grateful that the folks at tech Tv had the good graces to leave The Screen Savers unmarred and it was great. All the best to you Leo, Elizabeth Branch

  31. Don’t think I haven’t thought of that. And pitched it in more than a few places, too! (Including TechTV.)

    Leo!! Of course there’s a such thing as “Boobie Linux”!!!!! What were you thinking?
    You guys crack me up..and that’s what I love about TSS!!!

  33. “TechTV may not be perfect, but it’s the only game in town.”
    Come on Leo, create a new game. I can see it now, Leoville Live, all Leo all the time!

  34. “Leo is our Julia Childs. Please, TechTV, let the man cook!”
    This is the most truthful thing in the longest time.
    [Watching an infomercial]

  35. Hey Leo, saw TSS tonight. The comedian who did the bit about not being able to say Judicial System without saying drunk was Dana Carvey. I tried to fax it in, but I kept getting a busy signal.

  36. gee i am the only one here who like this new format.
    it about time for tech television to go mainstream

  37. gee i am the only one who like this format.
    it about time for tech television to go mainstream

  38. Oops, I forgot to mention one thing: Just because TechTV is the only game in town doesn’t mean it can’t be less of what it was. Unfortunately.

  39. I went looking for a photo of Dev Null, and came across this interesting OLD quote from the NY Times that might shed a little light on this latest TechLive debacle:
    “Perhaps most striking about TV’s depiction of computing, an area so full of creativity, is the lack of imagination in its shows’ formats. With a few exceptions, there are essentially just two models for these programs: the infomercial (featuring gee-whiz demonstrations of new products and Web sites by company representatives) or the Entertainment Tonight-style magazine (with telegenic but computer-clueless hosts bantering and wasting time that could be devoted to more informational content). Where are the Siskels and Eberts or the Julia Childs of computing, sharing their hands-on expertise and insights, along with their quirky personalities?”
    So, I don’t know if TechLive is another ET-style magazine, or whether they have borrowed another, third, paradigm as everyone has been saying (Bloomberg/CNN).
    But the point is still SO very valid — Leo is our Julia Childs. Please, TechTV, let the man cook!
    — Brandon

  40. I have waited a couple of days to post before I posted about my thoughts on the new tech tv. I thought I would give it chance. I must say that it feels like a CNBC clone.
    Since I started watching the techtv/zdtv back in what, 1998? I was so excited about seeiing Leo create his wonderful computer savy to the masses. It was technical but yet for the very beginner. I have been an avid fan since Dev Null days.
    all the shows were for the regular folks who often get the “blue screen of death” and now it feels like its for the high techie folks. Screen Savers is still great…but the schedule of show times sucks.
    But bottom line…Leo…you are my hero.
    Your next project should be is to develop a computer I can hook up to my power wheelchair.
    a big fan!!!!!

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