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  1. Oh, this is not going to work. First of all, they MUST take the stock ticker and that huge bar off the screen for the help shows (it better not be there for TSS). Second, two people (and 3 if you include Patrick) can NOT do Call for Help, period. Scott is really funny and I like him, but he seemed really out of place. And Becky having to talk Scott through stuff is just plain funny.
    When you did the Mac tip, Leo, I learned a lot more than you said about OSX, and I’ve never owned a Mac! It was outstanding! The contrast of your segment to the rest of the show was incredible. Personally, I think Paul Allen wants a news channel like Ted Turner’s. And according to other people’s reactions, WE DON’T!

  2. I thought the show was ok, although still a bit rough around the edges. I can’t say that I’m a big fan of the set, though. Too MSNBC/CNBC-ish for my tastes, with all the bizarrely shaped desks and TechTV logo-bearing etched glass surrounding everything. The new help area is especially strange, the way it appears that you are standing at a podium inside a soundproof glass booth facing a giant screen. It makes you look like a contestant on some sort of game show, especially when they show your back in order to show the screen. However, I thought that everyone did a great job, and I’m sure that I will get used to the set in time. Keep up the good work!

  3. I said it another post, but I am sure now, I do not like the new format! Leo, do you remember when Coke changed to “new Coke”? I know you can’t accurately compare soda and TV, but the is the feel I get. The taste is bitter, I would much rather watch re-runs of your and pat or Internet Tonight than this stuff. I get, on my local cable, too many news channels! What happened to the great channel I could watch and learn new and exciting computer things? I will miss it, as I am sure many others will too!
    However, I am waiting on TSS to come on tonight, and I know that will be the savior of the channel. Hopefully, the exec will get it, that people want to see tech stuff on this channel and not the usually CNN or CNBC crap!
    Leave the news to the news people and leave tech stuff to tech tv!

  4. The pace is just too slow. With just you (or, frankly, just becky) on the old CFH the show kept moving at a nice clip, with guests and calls mixed well.
    but with that giant, (yes) sterile studio, and scott/becky/patrick interrupting all of the time, it feels a bit like a mess.
    it’s the first day, and i’m sure everybody will learn how to read each other — that’s broadcasting. but the new format itself feels a lot more like an angry financial info show and a lot less like a mom-can-learn-to-do this chat show.

  5. Regarding the stock tickers, I didn’t care for the stock logos one moment and then the stock prices the next moment. It was like the logos screen was wasting my time by not giving me stats, only logos.
    Otherwise, the divided screen works for me, but I have a big screen tv. (the joys of having a Sears refurb center nearby). I wonder how the folks with smaller tvs like the divided screen.
    I enjoyed the story on baseball bat technology. I caught it on TechTV during the commercials for the Cubs / Expos game today. (Opening day, you know)

  6. I agree with Josh… just one host directing the pace of the info would be best, the other person is distracting… I like the idea of either Becky or Patrick, Scott is funny, but distracting… people are trying to learn something (CFH). As for the set, the consultant sold them on that idea, the whole financial twist isn’t original, and if you have that kind of money, you aren’t watching TechTV, sorry. Personally, I hope they start to downplay the financial side of it. BTW: I am watching off and on at work where we have it on an Aux feed in the control room. :^)

  7. Yes Scott is funny but he doesn’t fit in Call For Help. Becky is a master at taking calls and explaining stuff, and Scott just distracts her.
    Overall, way too much emphasis on financial stuff for me, but I’m sure it’s popular. The best thing about the new format is you get the feeling that the whole TechTV gang is there, chipping in. I love that.
    Yours, Patty

  8. Sorry to say this again. I don’t like it and the new format is all news and nothing interesting.

  9. I thought the new CFH went pretty good. Scott looked pretty frustrated but I’m sure he’ll improve with time. The only thing I don’t like about the new TechLive setup is the constant stock market talk. Other than that I think that it looks good.

  10. By the way, my last comment refers only to the Leo portion of TechLive from 2:30-4:00 (Eastern). Unfortunately, I was in class during the new Call for Help, so I didn’t get a chance to see it.

  11. Leo, the Tech Live and Call for Help is almost good. I say almost because Scott and Becky just don’t seem to mesh well together. Scott is funny. She just really can’t keep up with him. Other than that, its great!

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