Here We Go

I haven’t been nervous before a television show since we launched three years ago. I hope no one tries to shake my hand this morning – my palms are a bit damp.
I hope we’re doing the right thing here. Yikes! I go on in half an hour. Wish me luck.

“You must have chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.”—Friedrich Nietzsche

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  1. Maybe it’s not such a good idea to quote drunk mentalists before stressful events…

  2. Leo-
    i have to say i just read you last entry here and honestly i teared up. you really are a vital part to techtv. i think that the network would squeak by and eventually die if you weren’t there. i got a dish just to watch what was then zdtv. i have had it for only a year. in that time though i watched cfh and tss. i even have alot of them recorded because i wasn’t able to catch it otherwise. it is because of you and your shows that i had the confidence to apply for computer job at where i work. i got it and it was simply because i knew how to fix my own problems and also knew the shortcuts thanks to you. i will miss your place on the cfh set. i am however glad that you stayed with the network. also that tss is longer so that is some compromise. keep smiling leo we all love you a lot and will understand whatever choice you make.
    p.s.- i love that you have the blog portion here. i am also on your newsletter on the good ole laporte report

  3. leo —
    first of all, don’t fret. you’re a star, and if TechLive doesn’t work, as i suspect it won’t, you’re the _only_ guy who can do what you do. i don’t know how many people have told me that they never thought their PCs were interesting until they watched you.
    that said, i’ve got to agree with you — i just don’t get who they think is going to watch TechLive. it’s not investors, because CNBC and CNN/fn already do that better than anyone, and a tech-only financial news channel leaves people with lots of investments out in the cold.
    and it’s certainly not geeks, because it seems one of the No. 1 goals of the new format is to de-geekify the whole thing.
    and for the non-investor, non-geek, why tamper with the best show out there for them — Call for Help.
    everyone seems to be fighting valiantly, and i hope the very strong and entertaining personalities that TechTV has — you, Patrick, Scott, Kate, Martin — can shine through what i think is a pretty homogenizing format.

  4. I share the same misgivings as many of you. I feel like we had a pretty good thing with Call for Help. And I really liked the funky, under-the-radar feel of TechTV in general. I don’t see the need for another news channel, even with a tech slant. But I only had two choices. Stay with TechTV and see what happens. Or leave. I struggled with it for a long time, but I realized that the show was going to die, no matter what I did. So I made the best of a bad situation.
    I guess I always knew that the network would want to grow up some day. That day has come. I guess I’d still rather be here than anywhere else. But I’ll miss the old days. I really will.

  5. Leo,
    You have no idea how excited I am about the new show and the format of the network. I got up at six this morning just to catch the first half-hour of TechLive and warm-up the VCR. I sure wish they made 9.5 hour tapes, I really need a TiVo. Anyways, I really enjoyed what I saw, and everything seemed to be moving very smoothly, especially for a first show.
    I know by the time you read this, you’ll have gone on the air already and the show will be overwith, but I want to wish you the best of luck and I hope you break a leg, heck, both legs. (Just watch where you’re walking on that gorgeous new set, though.) I also know you’ll do great on the newly expanded Screen Savers, or is that Survivor? 🙂 Thank you for always keeping your viewers in mind!
    Ryan Cooley

  6. I have NOT seen the show yet; if they want to do short-shrift CNN reporting then that’s too bad, as Kim and Observer said.
    The beauty of having all that TIME available to you should be the possibility for free-form, in-depth reports, as warranted, or wacky sidebars as available. NPR has this down to a science (although some think it’s boring). I would just love to see them let Leo loose on a breaking story, with his honest reactions and qualified background, along with pulling in field reports from other folk, etc. But if it’s just news recaps of a slightly technical bent, delivered chairbound anchor style, then maybe I’m not missing that much.
    In short, Let Leo Be Leo!
    — Brandon

  7. Leo,
    I’m sure you’ll do just fine. Wish I had a TV in the office here. 🙁
    Since I’m the first poster today, i wanted to personally thank you for the work you’re doing on the show. I gathered around the tube with all my college buddies last year on a regular basis to watch you on (then) ZDTV.
    Now that my cable co. has FINALLY come around, I keep TechTV on all the time. You’re exactly the kind of talent that channel needs, and I thank you for your service!
    I hope some day I can thank you in person and shake your hand. I find you inspiring.
    Thanks again for helping people like my parents join us in the technological revolution. I mean it. Keep up the great work!
    One of your biggest fans,
    Brian Korte 🙂

  8. Great job Leo, surprisingly they just jumped around a lot though, can’t wait to see what TSS is like for an hour and a half. BTW, the LAN Party that I netcam questioned you about went great, ended up having a 16-player melee at the thing, and it was rather interesting to see the power everyone had behind their computers. Great job again!

  9. COngrats! You’re doing great! I like the fact that they don’t make you wear a tie! I’m not fond of the SuperTicker, my stinky stock portfolio is mocking me on the side of the screen…. subliminal message: loser, loser…. but other than that, I’m enjoying peeking in on your first day. (I also thought that Nietzche was a nihlist, a strange place to find a motivational quote, but keep dancing!) E.B.

  10. Leo, you are still the boy next door and didn’t turn into Dan Rather, so I, for one am glad they “let you be you” even though you are squashed into the “anchorman” pigeon hole… you and Scott H. are trying to ‘keep it real.’ (It’s only tv folks.) But I am glad you are still getting to do some Help stuff and of course Screen Savers. whew. Looks like it’ll be getting smoother with time, but I thought it was very respectable today. And I didn’t see any Amazing Ab commercials!

  11. Good luck Leo! I’m sure you’re doing your usual charming and professional job. One of your finest talents (besides of course thinking on, literally, your feet) is your ability to be goofy in public — I hope your new role as the Uncle Walter of TechTV doesn’t impair that. For instance, it would bother me if they kept you from making faces at the camera.
    I just read your Laporte Report — I didn’t realize that TechLive isn’t re-run at ALL. How depressing; those of us who work may never see it (recordings notwithstanding).
    Oh well, my usual Laporte diet is via TSS anyway. Best of fishes.

  12. Leo,
    Don;t worry you look GREAT and are doing GREAT. I love you a dn Techtv. But I have to say I am not too fond of the Techlive. It is too much like other news channels (which I have Directtv and I think I have about 20 news channels) I don”t need another one.) Now that is just my opinion and I know everyone has one. But I will continue watch Techtv whenever time alows, After all I am a die hard techtv fan, except maybe when The Atlanta Braves are playing, then we might have a problem, unless TSS is on. Nut anyone, maybe I will get used t the new format as I watch, I hope so. Keep up the good work.
    Kim Plunkett
    Byron, Ga

  13. You rook marvelous!
    OK, I admit it, I played hooky from work today so I could watch the first day of the new format. THAT’S how much I love TechTV, and especially Leo Laporte. I also spent the day searching for jobs online. I may need a new one.
    I like the new format. It makes more sense than replaying old episodes all day, and no more paid programming is a bonus. Just make sure to put the important stuff on the website for those of us who work during the day, so we don’t miss anything!
    I’ll miss you on Call For Help, but Becky’s my idol, so that’s cool. I’m thrilled that The Screen Savers will be on earlier, and last longer. Good changes, all around.
    Yours, pattyb

  14. I agree with Kim…I caught some TL during lunch and it was a little…dry. I think TechTV’s charm was that it was kinda casual, sorta like sitting around with friends talking about interesting things…now its more like CNN – a constant flow of information and no time for dissemination. The segments are just too short to really get into them before being moved to some other (sometimes unrelated) information. Keep in mind this is just my opinion though.

  15. Leo,
    I still love you and love your on-air personality. However, I believe techtv has now turned into another cnbc or cnn (which we don’t need)! I will keep watching though, as I am faithful to you and others at techtv.
    I enjoyed seeing you and the other regulars, but I just got tired of hearing about the China situation and all the basic news stuff. Hopefully, it will get better each and every day.

  16. I liked TechTv. But now, Techtv has turned away from the helping concept and to the news, news, news concept. I wish that TechLive would have more helpful things. The news is all right, but I can get more out of the helping part.
    I guess that is all.

  17. I tend to agree with some of the comments about the side and bottom bar being anoying and CNN looking and feeling. They need to make the bars smaller or maybe just have one of them.
    They crew needs to loosen up too, it’s a little too serious for techtv.
    Let the people be themselves.

  18. Sorry, I have to agree with some of the people here. TechLive jumps around too much and it has the same info over and over again. I am sure this will improve with time, but for now I plan to only watch TSS. Sorry.

  19. I’m at school now, but I can’t wait to get home and watch it! (They haven’t blocked Leoville here at school…yet!) Best of luck, I’m sure you’ll do great.

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