Massive Sunspot and Aurora Activity

According to Spaceweather, a huge solar flare erupted – biggest in a decade – one week ago. A shock wave of magnetized protons from it hit the earth tonight at about 1 UTC causing potential damage to computer and electronic equipment. It’s completely harmless to living things, however. Oh yes, and keep your eyes peeled for aurora in the skies tonight!

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  1. OMG!!! That explains what happened half way through Screensavers tonight. Around 8:30ish central time the Techtv channel picture did a sizzle/pop thing on my tv and went into a fisheye effect. Like when you set the resolution wrong on the pc. Thought my tv had finally hit that point of no return. But on checking about 5 other channels only and those not being affected, thought it was the Techtv channel going bonkers at my cable company. What a relief, or is it? Still might be my tv being invaded by alien waves. lol

  2. Hey, Leo.
    Thanks for the tip on the aurora. Unfortunately though, the Indiana skies are cloudy tonight. I can’t see a thing.
    Can’t wait to see the changes on Monday.
    You mentioned earlier that you were moving away from the brightly colored shirts to a more hip look with solid colors. Maybe you could do what my office does. We dress all prim and proper Monday – Thursday, then on Friday we get to be business casual. Maybe you can talk the producers into a Hawaiian shirt Friday or something.
    Oh well. just a suggestion.
    Have a great weekend and good luck next week. I’ll be watching.

  3. We saw the aurora! And we live in North Carolina! It’s unusual for us to be able to see it since we are so far south, but we could definitely see red in the sky. My dad got lots of pictures; I hope they turn out well. We stayed up until 2:30 last night, but by that time it had gotten pretty cloudy so we couldn’t see it anymore. But the auroral energy index is still high, so we might be able to see some tonight.

  4. Being in Montana (no where near Flathead Lake). I did not see anything unusual. It would have been nice to see it though. The skies were cloudy here in Great Falls so I would not have seen it anyway.

  5. Well, here is South Dakota, I can see it, it’s too foggy.
    But our computer is in the basement, If anything happens, I’ll uh…
    See ya later on.
    Dan S

  6. I’m glad it was just an Aurora! I thought maybe a nuclear bomb went off somewhere nearby . . . I took pictures of it, so here’s hoping my night photography skills are good! The thing was over Flathead Lake (in Montana) and it was beautiful. I almost wrecked my car twice staring at it!
    Have a nice weekend!

  7. In my town the magnetic wave turned the people who weren’t in lead lined rooms into zombies…the living have since had to resort to fending off the dead to stay alive…just thought I’d post an update before me and my friends go grab some free ferraris!

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