Black and White

While waiting for the sunspots to destroy my computer I’ve been playing a brand new game from EA called Black and White. You get to be a god – evil or benevolent, your choice. It’s a little like Myst meets Populous. Really fun. I think it’s going to be a new favorite. Unfortunately the game keeps very complete statistics on your activities. I have already spent 6000 seconds playing it. 575 of them staring at the sky!
Highly Recommended. It’s in computer stores today. (I found it at CompUSA for $40.)

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  1. Hey Leo, my mom won’t let me buy Black and White since you play a god. She thinks its moraly wrong because we are Catholic and that I shouldn’t play it. Could someone please tell her she is wrong and I should be able to buy it? I really need some back up here. I have been waiting for this game since it was featured on Gamespottv (now Extended Play). I would really like if some one would tell her that its just a game and I can buy it. Thanks alot. Oh yeah Leo, I was on you last Call for Help episode as host on the netcam. Thanks alot

  2. I’ve been looking forward to this game for a long time. It’s release actually caught me by surprise, I’ll have to go get it soon. As a programmer, the shifting of “moods” and AI looks like it’ll be interesting. I certainly hope it’ll be as good as projected. And for only $40, it’ll be a great buy.
    Eric, I’m religous too, but remember it’s just a game. And you learn about yourself and what happens when you mistreat others and what happens when you are considerate of others.

  3. Tell her you play A god, not THE God (not meaning to trifle on anybody’s religious beliefs)…it’s probably as harmless as learning about Mythology…and I bet you have to do that, right?

  4. Yeah I chose the cow, too, Aaron. Later on you can use the game to create a web page with your god so others can play with it. As soon as I’ve gained some proficiency I’ll post my god!

  5. Read about the game on cnn. com or usatoday. com and they said it might be the best pc game ever.
    Went to the store just a while ago after reading your blog and I am totally impressed. I can see myself wasting more time on this than I did on deus ex and diablo 2 combined. Thanks for the recommendation!!

  6. I need a code for Black and white to actually start the game. The code is at the bottom of the white box and i really really need one

  7. Hey leo remeber me, Shayne, talk to you at your office a couple times over the phone, oh well.
    Just wondering would this game be appealing to everyone or is it in a genre of games that only those genre players like?

  8. While it seems like only a moment ago… it turns out that I’ve been playing Black And White for the past 4 hours! Leo forgot to mention that while you do play a god (ho hum) you also get to control (or attempt to anyway) a creature of your choice.. Giant Nutty Cow-Gods running about tossing trees around… now THATS a game!

  9. Thank you all for your help. Hopefully soon with all of these suggestions she will let me get it. I very much so appreciate it!

  10. Thank you so much. I don’t think see saw it at that angel. Thank you again very much.

  11. Another thought: the sims has been very popular and this takes a similar angle. will they be in competition?

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