18,000 served

I just looked at the counter. This blog has received 18,000 page views in 18 days. That’s pretty good traffic for Leoville. I guess y’all just wanted some fresh content eh?

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  1. Bruce, I suppose you could just jot down (or remember) the number of “Comments” listed next to the blog entries that interest you, do some refreshes on the page, and see when the numbers increment.
    This is easier in Leo’s handy-dandy No Frames version.
    — Brandon

  2. Leo – I’m not surprised by the counts, great job keeping us all informed. Hey, maybe the Techtv site should host your Blog, they’re get 200x’s a many hits and make mucho bucks off the advertisers. Hey, then again, maybe you should cash in the popularity of your Blog! Think of it:
    “Hi. I’m Leo Laporte. I loved working on Techtv so much, I bought the company!”
    PS. Could you maybe link this to a newsletter digest or something? There’s so much great stuff on here I hate to lose anything, I wanna save it all! But I can’t since I’d have to click on every page and save HTML from my browser.

  3. Leo, I started visiting Leoville from a link on the TechTv Fanatics web page, I was reading about the changes to Call for Help and your contract negotiations. I was *really* worried that you weren’t being renewed, silly me. I felt that the official Tech Tv web page left a lot of us really wondering what the heck was going on, and I was glad to see you were posting here…. it just so happened that the changes on Tech Tv coincided with your using a new Blogger that allows for messages. E.B.

  4. Don’t know about the others Leo, but the reason I keep coming back again and again is that I’m thrilled to have a peek into the personal life of my fav pc personality and reading real life things that happen in your life. Makes me respect you as a ‘real’ person and not just a face on tv. Before you got the blog, the cam image from your home was enough for me. So this add’s to your already great page. Thanks Leo, for giving us this much. :o)

  5. Leo! Yes, content, content, more content! We can’t get enough! 😉
    Actually, it’s just really neat getting to know you as a real person, not just some personality on the tv. It’s more like you are a friend then anything else. Thanks for being there for us Leo!

  6. hi ya leo…is there someway of telling if a NEW reply has been added..as i dont want to miss a reply from you here and don’t want to read all the blogs(?) over and over.

  7. Yes, Leo we are waiting to see how this new techlive program is going to look and feel. We are waiting to see how the time change is going to impact the screen savers.

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