TechLive Rehearsals: Day Two

Another day rehearsing. I’d have posted from the set but someone had unplugged my Airport so I couldn’t get net access. Louderback says our Screen Savers airport conflicts with the one he is setting up for TechLive, so he disconnected ours. Question for Windows based 802.11b users: can’t you choose between basestations within range? You can on the Mac – it’s very easy. The Airport utility shows the available WiFi networks and asks you which you want to join. I haven’t tried it on a PC, but Jim claims there’s no such feature. Is that true?
But I digress, back to the rehearsals. I tried a different look today: tomato colored silk shirt (which was too red for the Call for Help set) with a black cashmere blazer and black slacks. Greg didn’t like the jacket: too formal. He likes the suspenders, tho. I’ll try something a little simpler tomorrow.

We did one hour straight through: Alex Wellen was my rotato co-host and did an excellent job. Pam Kreuger had financial news, Stacee Barcelata did a web site, and Becky Worley had a help tip. I also answered a netcam call. It was very fun and went surprisingly well. No major gaffes. I’m starting to have a good time here.

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  1. Leo wrote: “I tried a different look today: tomato colored silk shirt (which was too red for the Call for Help set) ”
    Leo, be really careful about using the color red much on tv. When the satellite dish isn’t perfectly tuned in, reds are the first to create static – both visually and soundwise too. It makes an annoying noise that if it continues, can make the viewer change the channel.
    I’ve noticed this on one of the commercials on Tech TV for a computer fest (there is a little red logo that causes a buzz noise) and the new Tech TV logo causes a little buzzing noise. When Tech TV runs that Targetesque ad with a lot of red…here comes the static noise!
    I know, you’re thinking “TUNE YOUR DISH”, well, it gets out of alignment every now and then. But I’ve seen this effect on broadcast tv when THEY don’t tune their dish correctly. (Our local Fox channel for instance) so its not just my little 4DTV c band system.
    BTW, it seems that primary colors are more likely to create the static thing, but red is the biggest offender.

  2. Leo – seriously this Blog of yours is great; it has to be the most read Techtv-related page ever! Glad to hear the rehearsals for TechLive are going great. I had to read your post twice, as the first time I saw what you wore above the waste but didn’t see you mention that you wore anything below the waist. Glad to see when I reread it that you didn’t forget to wear pants!
    Trust me, forgetting to wear pants is embarrasing!

  3. I absolutely love this blog program. I’m interested to see what TechLive will be like when it goes on the air. The only bad thing is that now I have to tape The Screensavers cause I’ll always be at work when it is on. Oh well, your worth it Leo and I’ll still get to see you on TechLive. No matter what type of outfit you wear you’re goofy (in a good way) personality will still make me laugh. See you on TechLive 🙂

  4. Leo,
    I agree with Kim. The blog is the greatest thing since sliced bread! I check it (along with my e-mail) everytime I go online; I do it secont thing, too (after e-mail). Your blog gets around 10-15 hits per day from me.
    Keep it up,

  5. I mean silk in a nice way. Actually, we’re going to phase out the Hawaiian shirts on the Screen Savers. It’s been a trademark, but we want something a little hipper now. More solid colors.
    Bruce: I don’t think there’s any way to notify you of changes to the blog. The blog entries are in reverse chronological order: the most recent are at the top to make it easy to check for new stuff. The comments are in chronological order so you can read them sequentially. Not sure if that’s the best but it seems to work for me. How about you?

  6. Leo,
    It is funny that you should be asking about wireless internet, because my dorm uses wireless for our internet access. I am using a PC and I am unable to select the base unit that I want to recieve information from. That is fine with me because the base unit is right outside my door. My friend that uses an iBook can select the base station he wants to use through his Airport utility. But as far as I know the PC’s can’t do this unless you install some software that is provided by the wireless provider. The only reason I know al this information is because the network in the dorms has been have problems and Housing asked my friend and I to help fix it. I just thought you would like to know that. Good Luck in rehearsals. Can’t wait until your back on the air.

  7. Yeah Leo,
    You look like one of the four “missing” spys in the movie “Spy Kids”. Is it you????
    Thanks a lot

  8. Heh, guess it’ll take a little bit of getting used to.
    I mean from your snazzy Hawwian shirts into suspenders and whatnot.
    Don’t fret (Like you ever would). I’m pretty sure TTVL is going to be
    a great hit! It’ll nock everyone off their socks! (Make sure you hold onto
    yours) We’re all rootin for ya Leo!
    Dan S

  9. Leo, Don’t worry! Everyone is going to be obessed with what you’re wearing, what your hair looks like and what the lighting is like…. sorry you have to suffer through all that, but after awhile it will all calm down and everyone will be listening to what you’re actually saying. I, for one, loved the casual, friendly, boy next door kind of thing you had going on. If they turn you guys into ‘hip’ MSNBC dudes, I will be sad. But I trust your judgement about it, if you’re having fun, we will, too. Thanks for the blog, it is really great. I check it everyday, too. (As for silk on men, I’m all for it. Unless you’re wearing a mic,then it causes static…. at least here on the East Coast it does.) Elizabeth Branch

  10. Hey Leo,
    I Saw Spy Kids on the Weekend.. Is that you as one of the Spys? Looked alot like you.

  11. Silk on men. Bad! wait… you live in San Francisco, then I guess it doesn’t really matter. ha ha. just kidding.
    Actually I think you look best in solid colors (silk or otherwise.) when you wear those various hawaian (sp?) shirts you look like your on vacation.
    my 2 cents.
    -John, a fan in Fort Worth.

  12. Leo
    That is great! Glad to hear you are having a good time. It is always better if you are liking and enjoying what you are doing. Thanks for keeping us updated on the blog, it is great and I think it is important they way you keep up to date with your fans.

  13. hi ya leo…is there someway of telling if a NEW reply has been i dont want to miss a reply from you here and don’t want to read all the blogs(?) over and over.
    Bruce M

  14. Leo,
    You should be able to use your airport just make sure the NET ID is different
    than the other units.
    I know that 802.11 units you can do this.
    John S

  15. Yeah Leo,
    You look like one of the four “missing” spys in the movie “Spy Kids”. Is it you????
    Thanks a lot

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