TechLive day 3

We’re still rehearsing… and it’s looking like buttah. Very smooth. Very yellow. Well, very smooth anyway. Eric and I did a half-hour then Michaela and I did an hour. Some people are very tense – and I guess I understand why – but I’m having a ball. It does require pretty intense concentration since everything’s changing by the minute. At one point the producer was screaming in my ear, “go to the White House. No stay here. Get ready to throw to a break. No wait a minute…” etc. etc. etc. I have a short attention span. I need the stimulation to stay interested.
Right now we’re rehearsing the Call For Help hour (2-3p Pacific). I’m going to be doing a daily mac tip at 2:30 every day. I’m sitting in the “lab” waiting for my cue.

I feel ready to do this for real. Let’s light this candle!

After this I’m going over to the Screen Savers set to work a little with one of our newest people. Jessica Corbin is an Associate Producer but we want to start using her on the air so we’re going to play around a little today to see how she does. I think she’s a natural talent myself. Good enough to be the next Kate. Keep your eyes peeled for her, this kid’s going places.

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  1. Can’t wait for the new Screen Savers to begin. An hour and a half of Leo and Patrick. WOW!!! It also fits into my schedule better, 7-8:30 is so much more conveinent for me. Leo your blog is the best.
    Anyone know anything about pricing on Windows XP and Office XP?
    What’s the dif between Windows XP Home and Professional besides Pro is for business–Features?

  2. I’m with Bavetta, Patrick not only brings some heavy tech knowledge he also makes a good straightman for Leo.

  3. I think Jessica is the best improvement to Tech TV since the name change.
    She’s redefining beauty everyday.

  4. I think that they ought to being Jessica Corbin back. Not only is she straight-up gorgeous, but she is also equally intelligent. Her smile was a breath of fresh air on that show…(sigh)…
    Anyway, since then the show has really gone to the dawgs. I’ve actually stopped watching it as much as I used to. The constant changes are getting tiresome and the “retro” shows they have on (Max-headroom, The Thunderbirds, etc…) were shows I grew up with but I really didn’t (and still don’t) think they were good enough for a return! (yuch!) Anyway, I miss Jessica Corbin. I hope she is doing ok. I wish her all God’s blessings and I hope that her brother makes a full recovery.

  5. I can only hope that Patrick is playing a lesser role on your channel. No offense, he’s just too dull to be on tv for a whole hour. This is the reason I stopped watching the Screen Savers. I still love Call For Help though, even though I am too advanced for it. What happened to the CFH rerun at 1AM? I used to watch that everyday and now its all infomercials. Will that ever return? I’ll be taping the first day of techlive. Hopefully it’ll be good, but if I see more than a segment of Patrick Norton, I’m gone!

  6. Guys:
    Remember when they were asking us a couple of months ago for some input about how to improve TSS? Lots of people complained about there not being as much of a female vibe as there was when Kate was on the show. I think this is their way of increasing the estrogen content of TSS for all of us SuperGeek Grrls who miss seeing a GeekGrrl like us up there with the SuperGeek guys. I’m sure Patrick’s not going anywhere. I for one, don’t want Patrick to go anywhere. You gotta love a guy who had the brass to continue speaking after applying the F word on live TV. ;->

  7. >>I don’t think they’d totally ditch Patrick, but I for one think he’s >>uncompelling on the television. Probably a nice guy and knows his tech, but >>too mundane. That’s not saying that him jumping around like a monkey as Leo >>does would be better . . . I don’t like that either, really
    Personally, I think it’s Patricks (um, your word, not mine) ‘mundane’-ness that balances out Leo’s ‘jumping around like monkey’ (again your words) that makes the show so damn addictive.
    I’m sorry, but the I wasn’t a fan of the ‘Kate-era,’ it was the ‘Patrick era’ that made TSS a must watch for me. She does a great job on the game show, and dig her alot more there than on TSS.

  8. Geesh, I hope they don’t ditch Patrick! Martin doesn’t know his stuff as well as Pat or Leo –or even as well as Kate did, though he’s fun for a segment here and there,… but for goodness sake, don’t get rid of the big, furry punk rock geek! I don’t think I’d want to watch the Screen Savers anymore if there weren’t a Patrick.

  9. I don’t think they’d totally ditch Patrick, but I for one think he’s uncompelling on the television. Probably a nice guy and knows his tech, but too mundane. That’s not saying that him jumping around like a monkey as Leo does would be better . . . I don’t like that either, really.
    I’m confused! What was I writing about? Monkeys?
    Neat blogger thing, Leo Laporte.

  10. >>Nothing better happen to Patrick, and especially not Martin Sarge!
    I thought his name was ‘Mahhty’

  11. Hey, I’m a XP beta tester.
    XP home will cost about- $90
    XP Pro will cost- $130
    These aren’t final prices.
    XP Home you can upgrade to from win9x platform if u have NT you’ll have to format and reinstall
    XP Pro you can ugrade to frmo the nt platform if u have 9x you’ll have to format and reinstall
    XP Pro has a lot of networking feautres and is geared toward geeky users It runs down the list of features for both.

  12. Leo,
    Good luck w/the new show. I’m sure it is gonna be great. Sounds very cutting edge. Patrick is alright, and Marty is pretty funny too. Anyway, I’ll be tuning my DirectTV to 354 on Monday to check it out.
    Oh yeah, say hi to my old friend Michelle V. Is she still there?

  13. I can honestly say that this is going to be exciting seeing the new TechTV. Perhaps I’ll even have to get sick that day and stay home from work… hmmmm.
    Anyway I doubt if anything will happen to Patrick — it better not. The guy knows his stuff and is funny, which helps get the point across. Martin is awesome too. I always look forward to days that he is on. I do miss seeing Kate every day so I do hope that they make her anchor each day for at least some time. She was great on TSS — and much cuter than Patrick 🙂
    If TechTV reads this I’d just like to say, if you ever get rid of Leo I’m going to tear down my DirectTV Dish and use it as a bird bath 😛 So don’t even think of not giving him that million dollar raise when his contract comes up for negotiations in 2 years, k?

  14. For the past few weeks I’ve been watching both TSS and CFH (re-runs) and personally I think that TSS has become too “advanced”, CFH is then too simple and TSS is too advanced, so in other words these are totally the extremes from oen another (in some cases). When Kate co-hosted TSS there was a special chemistry that allowed TSS to become I would say more “user-friendly”. And something curious was to see Kate and Leo together on an episode of Call for Help, which showed that the chemistry is still there and has not been lost.
    Now I’m not saying that Patrick is a bad host, no way – because he does know his stuff and knows clearly what he is talking about, but I think that if a femenine touch was given once more to TSS, that would smooth down the show from it’s “advanced” users, in other words, becoming the intermediate between CFH and the current TSS.
    I do encourage that special sections should be made with Patrick, since after all it is now an hour and a half long. And just make a combination between semi-softmore users and advanced computer users.
    In end, if a femenine touch was given to TSS, I think that people would start watching more and would appreciate it, still having by the other hand the knowledge of advanced users. TSS is an excellent show though and teaches a lot, but I personally do miss Kate (possibly because I’m part of the Kate-era), and do think that a femenine touch would be great for TSS.
    Ricardo Alfaro
    San Juan, Puerto Rico

  15. Well, I for one think Patrick is the perfect counterpoint to Leo’s somewhat “lightheartedness.” Replacing Patrick, or diminishing his role on the show seems nothing short of a mistake that might tragically tarnish the chemistry of the show.
    Although, this could change if the new gal is hot 😉

  16. Indeed, though you can hardly blame the guy. Jessica is staggeringly beautiful. : )

  17. I don’t know Leo, personally I don’t think anyone can be “the next Kate.” There was only one Kate, and the only way to get the Kate vibe back on TSS is to bring Kate back. Not that I’m holding my breath waiting for that to happen.

  18. Observer:
    Whoopse! Thanks for the correction re: Pat’s potty mouth. I saw the edited version of Pat’s boo-boo. Boy oh boy, where was _my_ mind?? I guess won’t be getting a job reading lips anytime soon. ;->

  19. Boy the rumor mills been running rampent in the replies hasn’t it. Oh well now we all can relax in the comfort that Pat, Leo, and Martin aren’t going anywhere and that new people will join the fray. I can’t wait to see the new shows.

  20. Nothing better happen to Patrick, and especially not Martin Sarge! Leo, do you know if they’re still going to be on there? If not, I may just have to go into another round of TechTV depression!

  21. Heh… Sound’s like your going to sail smoothly. Like a Yat.(Ze King Leo)
    Still rooting for ya, but my voice is turning to mush and my head hurts
    so I’ll just lie down for a while.
    Anyway, stay cool!
    Dan S

  22. What about Pat? What’s up with Pat? Don’t let them get rid of Pat, I love him! The two of you work so well together that is would be a shame to not continue to use him and his talents. Of course, don’t leave out Marty either!!!!

  23. Yes…more Jessica! She’s so f***ing gorgeous it makes me dizzy.
    Like…Uma Thurman and Angie Everhart put together. Yum Yum!

  24. Yes…more Jessica! She’s so f***ing gorgeous it makes me dizzy.
    Like…Uma Thurman and Angie Everhart put together. Yum Yum!

  25. Yes…more Jessica! She’s so f***ing gorgeous it makes me dizzy.
    Like…Uma Thurman and Angie Everhart put together. Yum Yum!

  26. More Jessica Corbin!! Pleeeazzzzz!!!!
    She’s every geeks dream girl….er woman…hottie…er…*blushing*

  27. I think Patrick does a mighty fine job. He’s very knoledgeble and can bring the heavy tech stuff into an conversation and explan it, which is cool.

  28. No worries…I believe the word slipped in a phrase similar to “Windows is a piece o’…”

  29. You got it exactly Alsatia. Pat’s not going anywhere. We’ll have more Marty and there’s room for some women, too! Remember we’re 50% longer starting Monday!

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