Tech Almost Live

We’re in the middle of the rehearsal now. I’m wearing a button down anchor blue shirt with burgundy suspenders and a black tie with a small amber dot pattern. Very Dan Rather. I doubt they’ll let me keep doing it but it’s fun for now!
I’m co-anchoring with Adam Sessler – he’s one of the rotato hosts. A different co-host with me each day. Adam just did a piece with Stacee Barcalata on following ball games on the web. He’s about to do a segment on X-Box games. Then it’s back to me for a call for help. Here I go!

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  1. leo,
    i wasn’t quite there for the 1st show of zdtv but i WILL be there to watch the
    1st techtv live! gooooood luck and brake a toe

  2. Hey Leo!..
    I can’t wait for tech live.. Since I don’t have a Tivo my trusty old VCR will be working overtime taping the new show… Goodluck..
    P.S. I have had TechTv for 2 months now and I love TSS….

  3. Looking forward to it Leo.
    I won’t be able to see it though because I’ll still be in school,
    if I remember I’ll tape it. I think it’s pretty cool that you’ll
    be going to a new show. I just gotta say one thing… (Yeah like you don’t do this allready) Have Fun!
    See ya on the CRT side!
    Dan S

  4. Thanks for writing the Blog Leo, it is fun to hear how the show is shaping up during rehearsals. Are you really going “Dan Rather” for the anchor look? I love your wardrobe of high tech bowling/Hawaiian shirts… and I doubt I have ever seen you in a tie… Are they making everyone take this really, really seriously? Or will it still be crazy and fun? When there is “Breaking News” will someone say, “Who let Patrick near the news?” (poor Patrick, will he ever live down the UGM incident?)or will they be playing an expensively rendered 3-D animation of the words “breaking news” with a lush 5.1 audio stinger underneath? I’ll be tuning in to find out.

  5. Leo,
    I forgot one thing: I won’t be free to watch all of the show. I have to go shop for a computer desk with my grandmother and grandfather. Then I’ll have to FDISK the hard drive. The computer is only a month old but I want to speed it up and get the drive more organized. It’s my first time doing it with Windows, DOS rather. I’m pretty sure how to do it, I’ve just never done it. (Loud sigh.)
    When I type FORMAT C: /S /V it says “Microsoft Windows [Win Me] no longer supports the ‘/S’ parameter to make a startup disk. You must use the Add/Remove control panel to make a startup disk.” If I can’t boot to the drive, how can I get to the Add/Remove control panel? I hope I’ll find out how to make the drive bootable before I format it!
    Hopefully I’ll be able to see most of the show!

  6. Leo,
    YOu will be missed as the host for CFH, but you will be even better
    at TechLive and TSS and most of all to your family. That is the importance.
    But I am sad. I will be able to watch Tech Live all day on the 2 and 3, other
    than that I will miss it. I start school on the 4th and I have found out that I no longer have a remote for my vcr, and I can not program it to record
    a universal will not work…BOO HOO. Then I though about putting a tape it and
    just start recording when I leave, you would be on about 2 1/2 after I leave
    and with a 6 hour tape I could record with no prob, then I remembered the remote
    I can’t change the speed without the remote..UH Oh another BOO HOO
    Anyway I will catch it whenever I can, unless I can convince my hubby to go out and by tivo for me…LOL
    Anyway I have found out my classes. I am going for Microsoft NT. I only need like 10 or so classes, since I already have 2 degrees. But all of them are 2
    hour classes, so it is hard to schedule. I am only taking 2 classes
    this quarter. They are Visual Basic 6.0 and Win 2000 Pro (whatever
    class that is) I will let you know how I am doing. Drop me a line sometime.
    Good Luck with your new adventures.

  7. Guys and girls, I will be getting paid for that day I take off from work. I get 2 personal days a year which mean I can take 2 days off for anything I want and still get paid. Pretty sweet.

  8. Leo, I forgot to ask you this. Is this something you did or is it something with my browser. Before the words were small font. and today thay have been like large font. I have checked my setting and they are still the same. I was just wondering what it was.
    Take Care

  9. Leo,
    I’ll have Spring Break all that week! 😎 I’ll be free to watch the new show!
    However, taking a day off from work to watch television is a bit overkill. Even though you’re in it, it’s still overkill!
    Keep up the GREAT work!
    BTW: No one, and I repeat no one, will be able to replace you on CFH; or anything you do, for that matter!

  10. Hey Leo.
    Good News, I will be able to watch you after all. No I did not get Tivo, hubby would not do that but he did go out and buy me a new Vcr. So now I can program it and be able to watch you…YEAH

  11. Hey Leo,
    Can you put a webcam on the set of techlive so we can spy on you while you do the live show?? That would be great!

  12. Leo, Just wanted to wish you luck this week as I know you will be very busy. Hope all goes well with the new show and new times!!!!! Hope you can keep up with the blogging, I really appreciate reading your thoughts (kind of weird)!

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