Cuba Libre

Out late last night. We and four other couples have a semi-monthly International night. We pick a cuisine and all converge on someone’s house for a party. Last night it was Cuba, and I was responsible for the beverages. All I know is that I picked out something that had a prominent warning on the label about open flame. I mixed it with fruit juice and put it in a giant white plastic clam shell. The rest is a bit of a blur, although I remember delicious empanadas and a pork shoulder with rice and beans to die for. I’ll be paying for it this morning.

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  1. leo, you rock!!! you are a shining star in the land o’ tech, which is a pretty dark place. i love this new blog. was the flammable drink perhaps Everclear? i’ve done that a few times, definitly for the “death wish” set. good luck in everything you do and remember you’ve got .50caliber watching your back

  2. Mmmmm. I love guavas!
    I started with ((link Blogger)). That’s the easiest way to begin blogging, especially if you don’t have your own web site. But I didn’t like it that I was limited to the stuff Blogger wanted to implement. And their servers were very slow sometimes.
    I thought about doing my own Perl scripts running off my server, but as I looked around to see what other people were doing I discovered this great set of scripts written by ((link Noah Grey)). Greymatter had all the features of and then some. Plus it ran exclusively on my site, and, since I had the source code, I could modify it if need be. The transition was very simple and I’ve been happily running Greymatter ever since.
    If you don’t have your own web site with CGI access and Perl 5 then you can’t use Greymatter. You should also be comfortable with using the UNIX chmod command, CGI in general, and HTML for customizing the templates. The documentation is good though, and most folks should be able to figure it out without too much trouble.

  3. The Cuban cuisine sounds delish Leo. I worked with a great lady years ago who was a native Miamian. (Is that a word?) She was born in Miami approximately 65 years ago and she cooked some delicious Cuban dishes. She made a jelly of sorts from guavas that was delicious as a snack with crackers.
    I hope you survived the birthday bash with Abby. My mouth still waters thinking about her birthday cake. Anything with chocolate gets my attention.

  4. No Call for Help is not being cancelled. It’s moving to the 5-6p Eastern time slot as part of TechLive. It will be on the TechLive set with a new host. I will make an appearance on the show every day, but will no longer be hosting it.

  5. Thanks Leo I think its really cool, how you interact with
    your fans. You will always be my favorite Tech TV host.

  6. Leo,
    I was just wondering if Call for Help is being cancelled?
    and I started my own Blog it is sorta like But no where near as good:)

  7. One More thing is this powered by blogger? cause at the bottom it says powered by Grey Matter and was just wondering is that better than

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