The Best Browser for OS X

If you’re using Mac OS X (as I am) then you’ll definitely want to download Omniweb. It’s a far better browser than the Internet Explorer that comes with OSX. Make sure to create an iDisk account and check your iDisk software folder. There are a BUNCH of good programs in there, including OmniWeb, iTunes, and iMovie, all fully OS X native.

6 Replies to “The Best Browser for OS X”

  1. I got a question. I hear Leo says that Mac OS X is based off Unix. Is it Linux by any chance?

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  3. Note to Robert: no, it is not Linux. In fact Linux is a free Unix. OS X is a shell on top of Unix, much like Windows is a shell on top of DOS.
    Feel free to correct me, Leo, if I am wrong.

  4. OSX is BSD Unix underneath, running on top of the Mach kernel. in fact, i’m posting from OmniWeb under OS X right now. i think OmniWeb might be the best browser ever published for the mac. and ie 5 under OS 9 was pretty good.

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