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  1. Leo,
    I dont know if you remember me, but I used to follow your KGO, and KSFO radio shows. I called several times “Dave in Vacaville”. Is Martin the “Sarge” from your IRC chat back in the KGO days?

  2. I’m like a bad cold, Leo! Ya can’t shake me!
    Actually some clarification. I still love the channel! What I didn’t like was dealing with the web site. Too much work. It has it’s personal rewards but sometimes a hobby turns into an obligation. I found I was spending way too much time updating web pages and not enough time doing what’s important with my family. As far as TechTV, I am watching almost every day. I also still submit videos, etc. In fact my vmail with my virtual character “vEC” was “Video Of The Week” at TechTV for 2 weeks in a row. 3/6 – 3/19/01 http://www.techtv.com/interact/netcamnetwork/story/0,23350,3315198,00.html (you’ll have to cut and paste that as The Greymatter Blog doesn’t work on URL’s in that long format it appears.)
    Also on my web page at iondrive.com I have a Virtual Kate model…not so good but I am getting better and screenshots of my “vEC” whom I have updated and will be using in future TechTV vmails.

  3. No Sarge was a guy named Trevor Rieger who specializes in getting onto daytime chat shows. His site is TV Talk Shows.
    The only guy still active since the radio days is Mystcast, aka Michael Patterson. (Michael has posted here, too.) He ran the Tech TV Fanatics for a while, but sold it off after he got the channel and realized he didn’t really like it that much!
    Glad you liked the radio shows. I still meet many people who remember them fondly. I’m much better known for radio in the Bay Area.

  4. Leo,
    You should reverse the Comments so that the most recent are at the bottom. It’s a little confusing to read a reply, and then having to scan further down the page to read the original question. Other than that, keep-on truckin’!

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