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I’ve figured out what this blog needs. Pictures! I finally have a use for a digital camera. Believe it or not I don’t own one. (I don’t have a Tivo either, but that’s another story.)
I like the size and shape of the Canon Digital Elph. It’s gotta be compatible with the Macintosh so I can upload stuff on the Powerbook, too. Any suggestions? I’d like something that can do 2 megapixels but don’t need much more. And I don’t want to spend more than I have to.

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  1. Leo, I use a Fuji FinePix 1400. It’s a 2.1 megapixel, and uses a smart media card to store photos. I really like it, and the display on the back is very good. Of course, I won mine in a contest, so the price was right, but it’s a great basic camera with 2x zoom.

  2. How right you are Leo, the guilt, the guilt! When I am a coach potato overdosing on West Wing episodes, a voice tells me i should be reading the stacks of books lurking on every flat surface of my apt. But watching the Screen Savers for me is neccessary and not a source of guilt…. since I work in TV, too, I try to only watch the good stuff, and besides learning about computers, I just love watching Tech Tv because you and Pat and Martin always look like you’re having so much fun… even though I know it must be a ton of work, you guys make it look like you’re having a blast and it is always fun to watch. Never miss it, and I’m really looking forward to the new 90 minute version. No wonder you have no time to watch TV, you *are* tv. PS: the last book I finished was “The Annotated Wizard of Oz” and if you liked the annotated Alice, you may like this one. Lots of info, very well done. Put it on your list of books to read when you’re 99. :^) Cheers. Elizabeth

  3. You really should look at the Sony cyber-shots. I got the 2 megapixel in Dec.and went on a Caribean cruise in Jan. I had very little experiance with the little camera prior to the trip. I took my laptop and a 32meg. Memory stick.
    In St Thomas I loaded the memory stick with 240 photos!!! it was amazing that the battery and memory held up. it took all of four minutes to transfer the images to my laptop and the MGI software (included with the camera) is great and it easy to create really cool photo albums.
    The camera is small and very well designed.
    Give it a look.
    Jim Parrish

  4. Whatcha got against Tivo, Leo? I’ve had mine since last July and I really love it… you can manage your tv watching so that you can ‘stock pile’ a whole bunch of “West Wing” episodes and watch them on a rainy Saturday. (that’s what I just got done doing.) The fact that it holds a bunch of good shows for you until you want to watch is the best part of it, though the “pausing live TV’ thrills some folks, and having the 1/2 hour “buffer” of live tv is good, too, so you can go back and review what you just saw and then skip ahead. Anyway, there is a web page out there where a guy “hacked” his Tivo so that now it holds 151 hours of TV…. that’s a lot of Screen Savers episodes! The only part I am not thrilled about the Tivo is the ‘on screen guide” information, it isn’t always very acurate. Plus it has to “call out” to a server everyday to get the info it needs, so it has to be hooked up to a phone line. But all in all, I have to say once you try one you will never need a vcr again. (provided you own a dvd player for movies.) Elizabeth Branch

  5. Yes, Tony, but I trust you guys more.
    Diana: So far I’m most inclined toward the Canon Powershot S300. If I can wait that long. It’s supposed to be out in the next couple of months. I love the tiny size and it has 3x optical zoom which is essentially equal to 28-105mm. My favorite three lenses for film cameras are 28, 50, and 105. It also does short Quicktime movies, which would also be fun to put in the blog. The price is right, too. It lists at $700. Picture quality is secondary to compactness in this case since I want to keep it in my pocket so I can get quick pictures for the blog. Otherwise I would pick the Coolpix. I think it’s probably the best digital cam under $1000.
    David: I love the ZR10. It’s the best sub-$1000 DV cam. If the ‘rents can spend more, get the Canon Optura Pi.

  6. The main reason I don’t have a Tivo is that I don’t get much opportunity to watch TV! I suppose it would be good for taping The Screen Savers, but I don’t need the guilt right now. If I have a stack of shows unwatched I feel the pressure to watch them. (That’s why I cancelled most of my magazine subscriptions.)

  7. My only complaint about the Canon S300 and S100 Elph’s is the total lag in taking a picture. Unless the subject is stationary, you almost always end up missing a shot. On the S100 it seems to take almost 2 seconds to get a picture. It’s quite annoying sometimes.
    Otherwise, the size and quality are worth it.

  8. I have a friend with an original APS Elph (analog) that is the exact same size as the digital (O.K., looks the same). He loves little gimmicky things and let me know how great it is… But it’s so darn small you can barely hold it unless you have very small hands. Even he now admits it. And he never uses it… but you could say this about anything he buys 🙂 <-Trademark infringment.
    Oh, I recommend the Stereo Realist.

  9. Hey Leo, I have a HP Photosmart 315 and it does a great job in each of its three picture modes. I believe thy sale for about $299 retail and come w/a 8MB flash card. I think the low end scale can take as many as 80 pics. We are using it to work on a project and upload pics. We don’t have them quite yet, but I’ve played with it and it works great. HP did well and its a 2.1 megapixel cam.

  10. (FYI: The homepage for me is actually a website that I am designing for someone)
    This would probably make a good digicam for your kids: the Polaroid PhotoMAX Fun Flash 640. FreshGear has actually reviewed this one, but its price has since come down from $150 to $100 (oddly enough, you can only really find this lower price in retail stores). It has a 1.8″ LCD screen, 2MB memory, delete last/all, and all that good stuff 😉
    Sorry, but I can’t give you any suggestions for a…uhh…better one. BTW, my parents are thinking about getting a DV camcorder. I’m trying to convince them to get the ZR10. What do you think of yours?

  11. For digital cameras, I really like the Coolpix 950 from Nikon.
    It offers an amazing ability for sharp focus and has some nifty features on it that I’m not aware of being available on other digital cameras.
    This camera does an amazing job on close-ups. I have photographed rings and insects with it and it does a great job.
    The twist design allows for better aim when photographing over your head when in a crowd or photographing things lower to the ground.
    If you need more light you can add a Nikon flash & bracket that will synch with the camera.
    A telephoto adaptor lens is also available. So far, it hasn’t been my favorite gadget for the camera. I need to get to more sporting events I guess.
    Here are some fireworks photos I took with the Coolpix last summer.
    I used the continuous 16 frames feature to collect the images (it is like using a motor drive – but cheaper on processing!) and then just picked out the images that I liked for the animation.
    Let us know what you end up getting.
    In Joy! Diana
    PS: My “Leo and Patrick visit St. Louis” photos were taken with a Canon waterproof camera and digitized with a negative scanner. I didn’t want to take the expensive camera into the big city and hey, it was raining (or snowing) in my city the night before the event.

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