Call for Help Spycam

Someone asked where the Call for Help spycam has gone. It’s off because no one is using that computer currently. I don’t know if they’ll use it on the new Call for Help. I doubt it. There aren’t any CPUs on the set – just keyboard and mouse with a big plasma monitor. The CPUs are all housed in the lab, so that’s where the spycam would live – not much interesting going on there.
I think they’re going to make my desk part of the Screen Savers set. In the corner in back of UGM. If they do, I’ll put a spycam up there and you can see what I’m up to during the day (and what the Screen Savers set looks like from an angle opposite the cameras). I need a desk in the studios because my schedule will be too tight to get back to the offices between TechLive and The Screen Savers. It will be kind of neat having a desk on the set. I can put my Emmy, my hat collection, and pictures of the kids there! Make that basement a little more homey.

3 Replies to “Call for Help Spycam”

  1. Hat collection??
    How come this doesn’t have a section here on Leoville?
    Dan the fireman (I think that’s his name) is not the only fireman that watches.. check out my homepage. 🙂

  2. Emmy? Never knew you got an emmy Leo. What’s it for?
    Best dressed host of a Show? Or Best host to ever get hit with a remote on live
    Tv award. (Ok I know I sound stupid but this is my first time posting on a famous Board)
    Oh! and before I go, Leo I have a question for you (Yeah don’t we all)
    With your Dreamcast, what did you get for it? Like games, accessories, and
    other things? What do you reccomend?
    C-ya all in the chat rooms!
    Dan S

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