Party All the Time

Long time no post. Sorry!
Lots of stuff is going on. I’ll be rehearsing TechLive next week. Call for Help and The Screen Savers are both dark while we work on the new shows. We have a couple of things to rehearse for Screen Savers, too. I’m going to do a new newbie segment called Leo’s Boot Camp.

We’re all going to a pool hall for lunch on Monday for some “team building.” There are so many new people and we’ve all been so tense with the new format that we need some time to just have fun.

Actual anchor rear ends polished the chairs on the TechLive set for the first time yesterday. I missed it because I was in the Screen Savers daily meeting, but I showed up toward the end. The set looks great even though everybody looks like they’re in the witness protection program. The lighting won’t be done until today. Afterwards I treated Erica Hill, Steve Abrams, Liam Mayclem, and Michaela Perreira (all TechLive anchors) and Christie, our make up artist, to lunch at Circadia (a stealth Starbucks around the corner). Monday we begin rehearsing in real time. That means today is my last regular Friday off. -sniff-

Yesterday was Abby’s 9th birthday. I was only there for breakfast so I gave her her presents then: the two new Harry Potter books and a Harry Potter desk calendar. I gave Henry a guide to knots so he wouldn’t feel left out. I tried tying them with him today – too tough! Should have paid more attention in Cub Scouts.

Abby has designed her own birthday party right down to the cake. We made it last weekend: three thin layers of Rice Krispie Treats with layers of cookie dough ice cream sandwiched in between. It’s in the freezer. We’ll assemble it tommorow, cover it with melted chocolate sauce, and serve it to seven sugar crazed girls.

She’s doing a fantasy party. We’re decorating the house as a fantasy forest, and each girl will be enchanted when they come in. They have to figure out each other’s enchantments. I think there’s a Pictionary interlude, a Pinata moment, and some craft project or other, too. Birthday parties are such productions these days. I don’t remember such a fuss when I was a kid.

Speaking of parties, they’ve announced that the TechTV third anniversary party will be on the 27th. These are usually pretty wild dos. Too bad I’ll be on a plane to Charleston, WV at the time.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Abby!
    Leo – I was sure enthusiastic in hearing that Michaela will be one of the anchors of TechLive!!!! She’s doing great on Big Thinkers but I wanna see more of her great work on the screen (as well as you and the other anchors of course).

  2. Fantasic Leo, can’t wait for the new show. Maybe ya’ll will help me kick my soap opera habits. Got it down to one. Watch Screen savers didn’t know for the longest that it was for the geeker ones. I learned so much between you, Patrick and Martin Sargent. Ya’ll make me homesick for CA all the time. Nice to see people enjoying there jobs.
    Will be watching
    Martha R

  3. Abby thanks you all for her birthday wishes. Her party was a great success. The cake tasted great! I played the Alligator Hunter who welcomed the girls into the Enchanted Forest (based on one of Abby’s favorite books, //Ella Enchanted//). One by one a witch (Jennifer) took the girls into her secret chamber, enchanted each, and gave her a magic necklace and glitter. It was really fun. Her best friend from San Francisco is sleeping over tonight for the real icing on the cake!

  4. Hey Leo,happy birthday to your daughter.I hope everything goes well for you at TechTv,were really going to miss you at Call For Help.What happened to the spy cam it will be a week old tomorrow.Can’t wait to see you on the new ScreenSavers,after a while reruns get boring.I hope ScreenSavers will help a lot of people.See ya later!!!!!!!

  5. Yo Leo!
    Where exactly will you be appearaing in Charleston, WV? I really look forward to seeing you. I hope all goes well with TechLive. Its too bad that I will be at work druing you anchoring shift, but thats what I got a VCR for! :o)
    Take care,
    Tony Tzankoff

  6. Leo
    First I want to say, “Happy Birthday, Abby!”
    Second, I’m glad things are changing for the better for you on TechTV. Sounds like you will be doing the things you love at work and be with the ones you love at home in the evenings. Family is really important. The kids only grow up once, and you don’t want to miss it. I have pictures of mine at my website. Go on over and take a look if you get a chance. I built the site mainly with encouragement from Silicon Ally and yourself. You guys are great teachers.
    I look forward to seeing all the changes on TechTV. Hope things go well for you.

  7. Hi Leo!
    First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABBY!
    My niece is also named Abby. She is the oldest girl of 12 kids – 10 boys and 2 girls. Her family really enjoys the Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis. These are available in book form, talking book and on video. BBC America is airing the series at 7am Central time on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I’ve been taping it for my niece’s family. The reason I mention this is that the author of the Harry Potter books recommends the Narnia books for readers waiting for the next Harry Potter book to be released.
    Regarding Tech TV…
    I’d like to see a series of entertaining “public service announcements” by Tilde, Dash and friends regarding basic computing skills like how to cut, copy and paste, how & why one needs to reduce the size of photos before placing them on the web or sending them via email, how to create folders in your email program to sort your email and so on.
    These would be used regularly (since your audience is always growing) so that everyone will have these basic skills that will make their time on the internet so much more productive (and less annoying to others ).
    Hope this is helpful!
    In Joy! Diana

  8. Good Evening Mr. Laporte. We all wish a VERY Happy Birthday to your daughter. I have to tell you, that cake REALLY sounds good! Where can such a recipe be found? Everything should be fine with work. It looks your new schedule will work out better for you…minus the “6am stretch”. It leaves you time for the most important thing…family. Computers may be the future…but when a computer crashes, family will always be there. We are glad to see there will be a “newbie” section on The Screen Savers. No matter how far you are in the computer field, the simple things learned are the ones that make your day much more easier and productive. I may know quite a bit about computers, but would not miss a Call for Help for the simple fact that “No problem is too small”. I have learned alot from Call for Help and expanded on the solutions through Screen Savers. Everyone will have a problem with something. No matter how big or how small, it still needs fixing. As far as your Tech TV Live shift, you may not have as many live viewers, but all of our VCR’s will be humming along and we will watch you when we get home.
    Thank you and Tech TV for the help and new ideas, look forward to learning more in the future.
    Eric Fill

  9. I saw Internet Tonight tonight (Friday) and from the way it ended I’m guessing it’s over. Is that true?

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