Official hours

I finally have my official hours for TechLive. I’m going to be anchoring from 11:30a-1p Pacific M-F. Erica will be my co-anchor from 11:30-Noon (yay!) and I’m going to be with what Greg calls the “rotato” hosts in the Noon-1 slot. Mon-Liam, Tue-Jennifer, Wed-Sumi, Thu-Alex, Fri-Adam. I guess we’ll begin rehearsals on Thursday or Friday.
I wish I weren’t starting quite so early. I try to go to an exercise class each morning at 9a for an hour. That leaves me just enough time to get to work by 11:15a. But that’s too late to go on at 11:30. Well now I have a good excuse to get fat and lazy. Seriously, it either means I only go to the first half-hour of class, or I’ll have to go to a 6am class. Ugh.

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  1. Leo,
    Congrats on the new project. As someone who was involved (and burned) by several startups in the TV world, it’s good to see that TechTV is growing and evolving.
    I’m still not clear about the new schedule. When will Screen Savers air (I live in NJ?) And what about Call for Help?
    Thanks for all the enjoyment and especially for the knowledge.
    Bob C.
    Harrington Park, NJ

  2. Hey Leo, Good for you on the xtra 90 min. with the family. I know what it’s like. I moved to the graveyard shift to save money cutting out daycare. One funny side effect is I actually get to see my son grow up, which by the way does not **** even if I’m only sleeping 3 hrs. a day. Can’t wait to see the new format on Techtv

  3. Re: My Previous Message
    17-minute delay. Posted at 7:23 Pacific, but time appeared here as 7:40.

  4. One of the main perks I see on this schedule is a lack of meetings…. (wonder how long this will last?)

  5. One last comment…HOORAY FOR YOU DADDY! You want to spend more time with your family. God Bless, I hope it happens.

  6. You’re gonna have your hands full here with the change-over to your new show format, so why don’t you park your car in a spot really far away in the parkinglot and take the stairs to the office. Don’t go crazy trying to do to much…. and anyway, once things settle down into a new routine for you, you’ll be able to fit everything in. We think you’re perfect anyway. :^)

  7. Kim, it sounds like you need to install drivers for your video card and/or monitor. the video card for sure so Windows knows what color depths and res it can handle. i’ve haven’t used 9x/ME for a while, but i THINK it will let you choose any res even if it doesn’t know what your monitor is (once you do the vid card drivers i think it will install a generic monitor driver for ya).

  8. Leo,
    Is the time stamp on these posts accurate? If so, are you on some type of prison-camp-style personal development regimen? 😛 Either you’re up and on your machine at 4 am or you’re talking about eating instant soup for lunch. (shudder of revulsion)
    Ye Gods, Man – Be good to yourself!
    Mondo Kisses,
    -being all maternal-like

  9. Sue,
    Your video card is not properly installed (No Drivers), find out what video card you have and download and install the drivers. If it’s a major brand pc you can go to the manufactures website to find out the card, or if it a smaller brand your can usually find out when you turn your pc on. Most video cards will display their model in the upper left of your screen. It flashes quickly so you might have to try a couple of times.

  10. I have been watching “Screen Savers” and “Call for Help” since it was added to my cable system 18 months ago. I’ve learned alot from you. Thanks!!!! It gave me the confidence to take computer courses. My kids, (Mike,now 14 & Meg just 13) have been telling me I “know so much about computers”. I’ve done alot and even “half rebuilt” a computer system to get my Mother In-Law Online. I’m proud of that. But I don’t know everything and I will keep watching. My neighbors are starting to call me for help with their computers. I plan to take more computer classes. Thanks to you, I’ve learned I can do it!
    Love and Best Wishes for the “new format & time”! I’ll be watching!
    Barbara Mooney

  11. Bob:
    As a fellow resident of the Eastern Time Zone, The Screen Savers will be on at 7 p.m. ET. Call for Help will be at 5 p.m. (and hosted by someone else ;( although Leo is going to make an appearance once a day, I understand) ET.
    Hope this helps.

  12. Hello Leo,
    It looks like there are a lot of Mother figures out here who are concerned about your health, me included. I have a small stair stepper that I put in front of the TV and use while I watch Tech TV or the History Channel. It really helps pass the time. I have lost about 15 pounds by doing that and eliminating starches and sugar. I started with Sugar Busters plan and modified it for myself. It is a plan that I can live with for life.
    I am excited about the new Tech Live. I adore Erica Hill and think you two will steal the show. I too will have to tape the earlier shows, but will be home in time to catch SS live.
    Bye for now,

  13. About your time stamp, Leo. It seems a little off.
    Take a look at Zixca’s message. The time is stated as 7:26 Pacific. That’s 8:26 Mountain (the time zone I’m in right now), but here in sunny Lake Havasu City, Arizona [sunny and 85 today — read it and weep, buddy:) ]it will be about 8:23 by the time I post this.
    My sincere thanks for all you did on CFH, and all you have done (and will do) in the future. Arthur

  14. with a borrowed powerbook 5300c
    hi leo! and what time is that to write the book? and access mag copy?
    ……can’t live without my blog hehe

  15. Leo can’t really watch Tech Live because I have to go to school.I hope every thing works out ,I hate getting up real early .It’s hard at first, but you get use to it after a few weeks.

  16. That’s one heck of a schedule Leo. I’m happy to hear that you will get to spend some time with your kids since that is one of the, if not the, most important things in life. Now that I know your schedule for Techlive I’ll be watching you everyday… can’t wait. 🙂

  17. My schedule is a little tighter than that, Justin. Why do you think I’m blogging at 4am?
    My old schedule was:
    7am get up, help Jennifer feed and dress the kids, always a project
    8:20 walk the kids to school
    9-10 Aerobics
    10:15-11:15 drive to TechTV
    11:15-Noon Call for Help meeting (ugh)
    Noon-1:30p Screen Savers meeting (double ugh)
    1:30-2:30p Lunch, research, phone calls, email
    2:30-3 To the studio, wardrobe and make-up
    3-4p Block Call for Help
    4-5p Call for Help
    5-5:30p Write show notes
    5:30-6p Block Screen Savers
    6-7p Screen Savers
    7:30-8:30p Drive home
    8:30p look for dinner in the microwave, eat it
    8:45-11p Family time (minus Henry who’s asleep at 8p)
    Not a lot of personal time. That’s why I often wake up early to get on the computer.
    My new schedule will look like this:
    5:15a Wake up
    6a Work out
    7a Get kids up and out
    8:20 Walk kids to school
    9:30a Drive to work
    10:30a Makeup, read scripts
    11:30-1p TechLive
    1-2p Lunch, phone calls, email
    2:30p Call for Help appearance
    3-4p Screen Savers blocking
    4-5:30p Screen Savers
    5:30-6p write show notes
    6-7p drive home
    7p-10p FAMILY TIME woo hoo!
    As you can see a big improvement. I’ve replaced 2+ hours of meetings with 90 minutes of family time. For that I am VERY grateful.
    I will miss the morning exercise class, though. I really need the workout. I’ve gone to the gym regularly in the past but I need to be driven to get any results. Plus the classes are a lot more fun. I’m the only guy in a group of about 20-30 women. I’m kind of their mascot. Like a dancing bear.
    Thanks for all the lovely maternal wishes. I feel all warm inside!

  18. Leo,
    Checking through all the names of your Co-Hosts…..where’s Kate?
    You two were terrific together!
    A well learned (thanks to you) fan.

  19. Well Leo I am glad I know when I can watch you. THe only problem is I will have
    problem is I will have to record and watch later. I go back to school for
    networking on April 4. SO I will be there when you are on. But I will
    be able to watch you on the screen savers live though, well that is when ever my son is not at baseball practice or a game…lol. oh well I will find a way
    I always do.
    Oh By the way, I called on the screen savers last Thursday about downgrading my pc from WinME to WIn98 adn you told me to call if it did not work. Well This is my Calling….HELP. I formatted the drive and reinstalled win98 and everything
    went find untill the install was over, See I have a k700 17 inch
    Monitor, so I have to have it set on atleast 800×600. So as you already
    know after the install the default was 640×480, so when I went to
    control panel to change this and the color setting. I found only 2 color setting, they were 2 and 16, and it would not let me slide it over to 800×600. I layed with it all night a nd decided to put winME back on. Do you have anyidea on what happened and how I can fix this.
    Hey drop me a line sometime I would love to chat with ya a dn maybe you can help me write a better resume, I think mine stinks.
    Byron, Ga

  20. Leo,
    Good to know the time you’ll be on now! Thanks! Glad to see you get to work with Erica! She’s fun to watch with you! You too work good together.
    My goodness Leo, you were up early this morning! Are you normally up at this hour? If so, you need to squeeze in some sleep time my friend, in between the work, the family, and the exercise. 😉 Or, perhaps you are like me and some of my friends. When we can’t sleep we just stay up, or we get up early and go online! It amazes me how sometimes I’m up late, or get up early cuz I can’t sleep; that I’ll find one of my friends had the same problem, as I’ll see them online. My brain tends to go into overdrive preventing me from sleeping. So, I’ll just get up and go work on one of my websites, or list a few more auctions, or get an early start on my online job.
    As to the exercise delemia, why don’t you just get an excersise bike, set it up in front of your pc, and we can all watch you work out! LOL Just kidding. 😉 Seriously though, I do have an idea: Do you have some kill time at work? Maybe they could set up a little work out room, in a little out of the way corner near the studio, for you and your friends at work to use on breaks, or when you come into work a little early. If that idea won’t fly, then I wouldn’t fret over it. You don’t have to work out to keep your fans watching anyway. We’d watch whether you were in shape or not! 😉

  21. One last comment…HOORAY FOR YOU DADDY! You want to spend more time with your family. God Bless, I hope it happens.

  22. Why don’t you see if they offer an evening class? You get done with TechLive at 1. Considering whatever you have to do after your anchor time, let’s say you get out at 2. you have from about 2 till around maybe 5 or 6 until you have to be back to prepare for the new Screensavers timeslot. I could be wrong though. For all I know, you don’t get to leave TechTV studios once you get there. then there is always the home exercise deal. You could set up a small gym somewhere in your house (treadmill, stationary bike, free weights, those long stretchy rubber band thingies you step on to simulate a cheap weight machine). I’ve got a set of dumbbells that I use whenever I sit and watch tv. I don’t go for weight. I do more of a circuit training (I watch alot of tv).

  23. Yah. The time stamps are about 20 minutes off. It takes the time from the web server. Must be wrong there.

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