Hello Darkness My Old Friend

I’ve never seen anything like that. We were going along doing the show. Patrick was interviewing Jordan about Napster. I was standing over by the refrigerator waiting to answer a question and the whole studio just went pitch black. The weirdest thing was the jib camera. This is a normal camera perched on a 10 foot boom. When the power went out the camera at the end of the boom lost control and gracefully aimed itself at the ground. It was spooky.
In theory there are massive batteries that are supposed to take over instantly and keep us afloat until the generators kick in. At least, I thought that was supposed to happen. Master control stayed up. As did some parts of the building. But we didn’t. And when we came back, only the low power kinoflo lights came on. Most of our other lighting remained off. The generators aren’t big enough to power everything. Makes you wonder what would happen if the power went off for a long time.

If you were watching the live broadcast you saw us flicker, disappear, then reappear after some commercials. We won’t re-air that show, though. So everyone else will see a normal repeat of an earlier episode. Kind of a shame – I always find it interesting when things like that happen. That’s why I love live TV!

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  1. I am not able to watch Tech Tv at my dorm, so I was not able to see it live. I was that I had it would of been a great moment in Tv. Everytime it rains the power in the dorm goes out. It is a real pain because everytime it goes out I am working on a project for one of my classes and I end up losing some data. I hate that so I can imagine the problems when the power goes out for you guys.

  2. We thought the “In the Dark Show” was great! It should have been rerun as usual and we emailed TechTV our comment that they shouldn’t have pulled the show. You and Patrick are great. Keep being yourselves.

  3. Its a shame they decided to pull the show, It was a great show and the electric situation really made for a classic moment of live TV. I really wish they would at least stream this episode on the web site instead of filing it in the circular file…
    Yeah, it looked dark, but it wasnt THAT dark, and it really looked LIVE, which I always considered a major part of the appeal of the show.
    Ah well such is life.

  4. I watched live while the rolling blackout hit, Leo. I knew it had to be some sort of power failure. The best thing about it besides the ensuing hilarity was the look on the face just as the lights went dead on the guest from Napster. Perhaps he thought it was the RIAA storming the building?
    I shall keep this one on tape since it won’t be re-aired.

  5. I am not home to see the live show so I have to watch the re-run later that night. I could not figure out why the show was an old show since the website said it was a new one. I guess I know why now. Anyone tape the show on a TIVO? If so I would like to see it, send it to me.

  6. The power going out is always a drag. Just a couple of years ago this stopped but it use to be the wind blows and the power flickers or goes out. Some times it would be out for days at a time. I remember when I was either 9 or 10(i’m 14 now) the power was out for 3 days. No tv, games, 486computer oh my! The only thing around was radio and the phone. Going to bed at 8:00 was normal after a game of UNO. So the moral of the story is don’t be scared of discouraged from a short power outage Leo just watch out for the cameras that are a couple of feet in the air.

  7. Tivo is listing a repeat for the “Napster” interview for this weekend on TSS, so maybe it will be repeated afterall, this is the show when the lights went out. It wasn’t too dark to watch and it was a very fun show, so I hope they’ve reconsidered their decision to “not air” the show in repeat. Also, I think tonight is the last live TSS until the new format, but the repeats are fun to watch in the meanwhile, and I notice Tivo mentions a “Call for Help” retrospective for Saturday at 5 pm eastern, is that a “best of” kind of thing? Or perhaps Tivo has a messed up listing, that happens a lot, too. It doesn’t have the new guide info on Tech Live yet.

  8. Well I suppose it could have been worse. I produce a college television show (a sit-com, actually) which goes out on the local cable system. Once, when we were taping our show, there were tornado warnings all over. The problem is that the university had recently installed a tornado warning siren just outside the building housing the TV and radio studios. Every five minutes we were interrupted by the siren telling the campus that a tornado was passing by 5 miles to the north. At least all our cast and crew arrived without incident.

  9. Sorry Leo about the rolling blackouts,but luckily I live in Tenessee.Is Tech Tv paying there electrical bills.

  10. You could say that the March 19th, 2001 ep has become a “lost episode”. Shame because I only caught the last half-hour. I heard you talking about it before the Alteratip. I will say one thing. Those big *** APCs you have did their job.

  11. Can anyone who taped the show send me a copy? I was in the bathroom when it happened! When I heard what happened, I was SO disappointed!

  12. Yes, Aaron has a good idea here, why not stream the show on the web? Like I said before, I’m not home to see the live show so I have to watch the rerun.

  13. I thought it was a great show! Live Tv is a big challenge anyway, let alone when the power goes out! I’m an audio tech and I remember a show I did once in a big wind storm that when we re-tell the story is a hurricane, but, it was a wind storm… anyway, the power did a series of “momentaries” where it blinks on and off and then decided to come on for good. Well, in the meantime, all the lighting, cameras and controlroom equipment dumped out…. but the audio stayed on!!!! I was so proud! (it had nothing to do with me, but I was proud anyway.) Slowly the lights came on, the cameras were shaded up and the show went back to normal. The funny thing was, that during all this, the host of the show told the guest that “if” the power went out to keep going…. and they did, they kept going like nothing happened. And the result was, everyone at home got to enjoy a good “radio show” on TV for a few minutes. That became my new motto: “Even when it’s bad TV, it’s good radio.” Leo, you and the crew did a great job keeping it all together, it’s a shame they didn’t want to repeat it, but maybe the recording of the show got ruined in the power outage. Are you recording to tape or a video server for your repeats? Anyway, keep a candle in your pocket, I think you may get a few more outages over the summer. Best wishes and good luck!

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