Dungeon Master is back

In the late 80s I was addicted to a game called Dungeon Master for the Atari ST. It had incredibly sophisticated graphics for the time and totally compelling game play. It was a complete breakthrough, but as far as I knew I was the only one who thought so.
Turns out I was wrong. Lots of people felt the same way. In fact there’s an interesting article here about the importance of Dungeon Master in the evolution of computer gaming.

So I was really pleased to see that someone has recreated it in Java. Dungeon Master Java (link fixed) is free and almost identical to the original – maybe even better in some ways. The monster AI is much smarter and it comes with a level editor.

If you’re a young pup who thinks Doom was ancient history, meet its granddaddy. If you’re an old hand like me, enjoy a trip down memory lane!

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  1. I had an Atari 130XE computer with a model 1050 disk drive and an Amber monitor back in ’85 or 86. I remember my son blowing me away on a great game called “Boulder Dash” (I think). I used the word processer called “Paper Clip” by Broderbund Software. I remember selling the thing off at a yard sale some years ago, a mistake for sure! Cool memories and a soft drink I say…

  2. Hi Leo,
    I too spent many hours on Dungeon Master — only I did so on the Amiga 1000. Still have the beast, and in the years since, I have collected many of the old pc’s, including a couple of the Atari ST’s.
    The fact that they’ve re-released Dungeon Master in Java is totally cool! Can’t wait to give it a try!

  3. Atari ST?? Is that the same thing as the original Atari. I used to play Demon Attack and Frogger on that a lot. My favorite game was Bowling though, just because everything in the game was square… it looked so funny. I’ve been gaming since I was able to turn on the television… it’s the best way to relieve stress… 🙂

  4. I never had an Atari, but I used to pedal the heck out of a Commode Door 64 in the 80s. It too had great graphics for the times, especially if you spent the $220 and bought the matching monitor. I never was much of a gamer, but Dave, my other half loved them. His favorites were Elite and Skyfox. I had Zork and really enjoyed it a lot.

  5. Leo,
    Glad to hear that you have good things happening for you at Tech TV!, I am sorry to see you leave Call for Help, I found you very entertaining and likeable. The Show will not be the same without you. I have never watched a show where I felt saddend by the loss of its host.
    Goodluck on Techlive, I wish you were on a little later here in NY, Us working folk will have to record your show during the day, then figure out how to get that viewing in without missing the ScreenSavers!.
    Thanks for the great knowledge and entertainment.
    Steve Graffeo
    PS, I read your BIO, and was confused, what kind of carrer were you seeking when you decided to take Chinese Studies?

  6. Leo-
    Java games can be addicting. One cool one that me and my friends like is Javanoid. You can also play it at freearcade.com. If you play it at free arcade it has an online scoreboard, which is pretty sweet.
    Keep up the good work Leo. I visit your blog everyday!

  7. Geez, I feel like I’m starting to feel my age here- “AtariST???” I’m glad to see some interest in the old home computers. These are the machines that helped get us to where we are today. Martin and Joe, I assume you guys are of a yonger age, and maybe have never had the opportunity to use anything from Atari? Atari acually made more than just the game consoles usually associated with the name Atari. Some of the more early and successful home computers were from Atari, like the 800 and 1200XL. In the late 80’s Atari came out with the ST line of computers rivaling that of the Macintosh and IBM computers of the time. Severl big name recording artists used the Atari ST computers in their music because of the MIDI capabilities of the ST’s. If anyone out there would like to know more about this classic computer line, visit http://www.atari-history.com for a ton of information. And just in case anyone was wondering, yes, records were around when these computers were popular… (record?!) 🙂

  8. Greetings all. Leo, I’m glad to see you spotlighted weblogs and I’m extra double-pleased to see you chose to go with Greymatter over blogger.com. I’ve been intimate with the people who created blogger to at least some degree, and they are by design on the low end of the curve when it comes to supply vs. demand. Every time an article is published about them, users go up exponentially, while server space remains the same; consequentially, it’s forever slow, often loses posts mid-update, and generally not a fun thing to have to deal with. Furthermore, it forces you to ‘convert’ your site to a proprietary format and hold allllll of your data on their servers. What happens when San Fran goes black for a day? You’ve just lost all of your work, that’s what.
    I caught wind of this the first round of blogger’s service outage, and hacked some perl scripts together to update my webpage (thirtyfour.org) from a webpage on my firewall/router box. After around five days of indefatigable coding and another week or two of debugging, I found out about Greymatter. D’oh! I suppose it was a learning experience.
    Just thought I’d commend you on your choice. I’ve been a [ZD/Tech]TV fan since you guys aired on DirecTV back in 99? 98? I’m a SS/CFH caller, soon-to-be Netcam Network user – I am undoubtedly sure you’re as excited as I am. Keep up the good work.

  9. Hi Leo:
    Thanks for the Dungeon Master link…My husband and I played this on his Atari ST when we started dating in college in the late ’80s! What a trip!
    A Screensavers Fan,

  10. Leo,
    Wasn’t around at that time but maybe I can play it sometime.I never was around to have an Atari,but I played it at my Aunt’s house an my favorite game was Frogger.

  11. Leo,
    We still own our Atari 5200 with tons of the original games: Frogger, Joust, the Original Mario, Dig Dug, and so much more! We even have the track ball controller which works great for Centipede! System still works even!

  12. Hey Leo what do you think of Quake III on the dreamcast?
    I have it.I think it’s allright but I hate the controls.
    I would play it on my pc but its to slow.
    Anyways I love the Blog!!!!
    Read you later

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