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Watched a little bit of Broadcast News last night. Last time I saw it I wasn’t really working in TV. Now that I know the business better, I’m impressed with its accuracy. A former colleague consulted on the film and she got it right. I can even recognize some of my co-workers (or at least their types).
It’s filled with so many great lines. One of my favorite is when the new anchor, William Hurt, is talking with the chief correspondent, Albert Brooks. (Brooks has all the best lines):

“What do you do when reality exceeds your wildest dreams?” Hurt asks.

“Keep it to yourself,” says Brooks.

I’m keeping it to myself.

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  1. Leo, we must have been watching TV at the same time! 🙂 Broadcast News remains one of my favorite movies of all time. Some people think it’s an odd choice, but I find all the characters very real, and it conjures up a happy time in my life — I was writing news for my college daily paper when the film was released.
    My favorite line from the movie, when Albert Brooks is sitting home, cut out of participating in the Special Report:
    “A lot of alliteration from anxious anchors placed in powerful posts!”

  2. Check out “Network” for another scathing look at TV news. You’ve probably seen it before; I’d nominate it for one of your DVD rentals. The thing that strikes me is that it came out in 1976, back when some would say there was less widespread ridiculousness on (and in) TV. And yet they’re showing the same kind of stuff that rankles us now, 25 years later. Peter Finch’s ravings as Howard Beale are classic (I keep the .wavs of them on my PC for grins) and it’s one of the cleverest movies around, IMHO.
    And as far as your generalized appeal to those of us on the XX side of the gap, what woman in her right mind wouldn’t want to watch you? :o)
    “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”
    Mondo Love and Kisses,
    –Myopic with Class 3 Astigmatism–

  3. Leo,
    Cool cam pic! You look like you were seriously mulling over the idea of work or play last night! 😉 I was busy working online myself last night, I’m supposed to be working right now, but, I took a break to drop you an email, then check out your spy cam. Maybe I should have done that last night instead. Oh well. Anyway, I think the glasses are a nice touch! (I wear glasses too, only drawback mine have to be worn 24/7.) Glad to see you decided to take a break yourself last night and watch a little TV. Take care Leo! C ya later!

  4. Hello Leo,
    I too like you with glasses. I have worn glasses since age 6 in 1961. The eye doctor says bi-focals are in my near future. YUCK!
    Thanks so much for the blog. It is great to read your entries and the comments by others. It is like sitting beside you and a group of friends at a party.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Thanks, Sue and Cheryl. I do really enjoy writing the blog, and having your comments makes it doubly fun. It is like being at a party! What amazes me is how many women post here. I always thought our audience was predominantly masculine. It’s nice to know women watch, too.

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