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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
A number of people commented on the fact that I was wearing eyeglasses in the spy cam picture.

I wear contact lenses during the day. I’ve worn glasses since I was in fourth grade. I am extremely near sighted – blind without the contacts – and now as I age I’m getting far sighted too. The contacts are monofocal, but I have trifocal glasses and I’ve been wearing them more and more at home for reading and computing. It’s much easier than trying to strain to read without them. I suppose in a few years I’ll have to wear reading glasses with my contacts. -sigh-

Unfortunately, Abby has inherited my eyes. She had strabismus – a lazy inward turning eye – which we corrected when she was three with a patch. She wears glasses for farsightedness now. Her eye no longer turns in unless she’s really tired and not wearing her glasses. I had the same problem when I was a kid. It was undetected until much later, however.

I remember in sixth or seventh grade the eye doctor telling my mom it would take surgery to correct it. It doesn’t really matter, he said, it’s not like he’s going to be in TV or the movies. Seemed like a pretty long shot I suppose, although I remember resenting the comment so I must have had some idea even back then.

As you’ve probably noticed, my eyes still cross a little, especially when I’m tired or the camera is too close. I guess I’ll never make it in the movies! At least Abby still has a chance.

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  1. Leo you’ve got a nice pair of glasses. What kind are they? Love the shows, can’t wait to see you on tech live. Does this just seem like I’m sucking up?

  2. Hello Leo,
    Happy Saint Pattys day! Love the new look of Leoville! It about time you updated. For a while i stopped coming.. But what ever. Good luck with Abbys Vision only time can tell with those things, ya know. Hopefully every thing will turn out well :).

  3. My son, Michael, in 2nd grade started VISION THERAPY. It has helped alot! It might be something to check into. It’s not about their eyesite, but more about “visual tracking” and “visual convergence”. My son’s teachers didn’t notice, it’s not something that is easily picked up on.
    Just something I thought would help.
    Best to your kids,
    Barbara Mooney

  4. I had LASIX earlier this year and it is one of the best investments I have made in a long time. I do a lot of travel and almost ripped a contact lens in France. That would have really screwed the pooch, so to speak.
    It’s great to be able to see the clock radio at night and not have to wake up after naps with my eyes stuck closed. You should definitely check it out Leo.

  5. Hey Leo,
    I think you would look great on tv with glasses, it would bring out the inner geek,oh and by the way next time you decide to slam the fridge doing a geek library segment try to make all of the magnets fall off that was funny!!!
    Thanks for the help Leo and I’m looking forward to seeing you on Tech Live it should be fun!

  6. Hey Leo,
    I think you would look great on tv with glasses, it would bring out the inner geek. Oh and by the way next time you decide to slam the fridge doing a geek library segment try to make all of the magnets fall off that was funny!!!
    It is a shame that you are leaving Call For Help I think you are irreplaceable because you have helped me very much with my computer on both shows. I can’t wait for Leo’s Boot Camp!
    Thanks for the help Leo and I’m looking forward to seeing you on Tech Live it should be fun!
    P.S. try those glasses once on tv and see what feedback you get, it might be interesting judging that many people think you look good in them!

  7. Yeah, Leo, glasses are a bummer. As a person who has worn glasses since the third grade, I can understand your concern about Abby’s eye problems. Although it is a little early, there are ways to work with it for her. Someone mentioned Lasix; it’s an expensive process but perhaps worth it down the road.
    Anyway, there are ways to look good with glasses; Kate pulls it off with style. (Hey are we gonna see her more on this TechLive thingy you’re doing? And what about the individual shows such as Internet Tonight, FreshGear and Money Machine — it looks like Money Machine and IT are dead meat? MM has been in “best of” mode for a couple of weeks now since the market has been in freefall. )
    Love this log thingy; gonna set one up myself. Hope you’ll contribute if you have the time. Thanks for all you do for us Third Geeks!

  8. leo, saw the picture and just think you happen to be lucky your glasses are not even half as thik as mine… im 27 this year and been weaing glasses since i was 5. my prescription has gone up so high (-19.00 per eye) that i m out of the range of suitable candidate for lasik. and my eyes cannot tolerate contact lenses. that’s how bad it is. so count yourself lucky:)

  9. Leo,
    I too have the misfortune of having glasses. I did not have much of a chance, since both of my parents wear glasses. I am near sighted as well. I ave had them since I was in the 5th grade. Considering I am in my second year of college, I have not had to deal with the problem for that long. I do not mind wearing glasses, the thing I hate is when it rains. It is like driving in your car when it rains only you do not have wiper blades. Leo, I think that you look great in your specs. Tell your daughter that she looks great also, I know that it can be hard growing up with glasses.

  10. Hey Leo! Well it certainly looks like all of us fellow computer geniouses have problems with our vision- seems to be a trend. Isn’t it amazing though, that all the technology we use today makes it easier for those with visual difficulties? Keep up the great work, I’ve been a fan for years, even though I’m considered to be the local computer geek (in my mind at least 😉 ) I still watch and pick up some tips and tricks I didn’t know!

  11. I’m near-sighted, and I HATE wearing glasses. I hope to get laser surgery too, and thanx to pjk, you re-assure me on my decision 🙂 I’ve worn glasses since SK, and it has gotten worse ever since. I get a new prescription about every 1.5 yrs. I pay extra to decrease the thickness of my lenses without decreasing the strength. That’s how bad it is. And I’m only 15! Soon to be 16 in July. My computer teacher got laser surgery, and he said you had to be at least 20 or so because your eyes have to finish growing 🙁 Well, enough about me, hope the new TechTV thing works well. I will be watching April 2!

  12. Hi Leo,
    It is great that you were able to get everything fixed at a young age. When I was six or seven (I think) I knew that I was going to need glasses. What my eye doctor was able to do is have me do certain focusing and reading excersizes to help prevent any more near-sightedness from occuring and actually attempt to improve my sight. Since I was so young I was able to help stop any more near-sightedness from occuring and, although I still do need glasses, my focusing is perfect. It just shows how important it is to get eyesight problems corrected early.

  13. I have the same problem as Abby although my parents are still holding out on getting me glasses! I kinda want them though.

  14. Leo,
    I really enjoy reading your messages here in this blog! Man, if only that Dr. knew then, what we all know now. 😉
    Sorry to hear your daughter inherited your eye probs. I’ve worn glasses myself since I was five. If I take off my glasses I can see about three inches in front of my face, then everything past that blurs. Thank God, so far none of my three daughters have shown any need of glasses. I bring them for eye check ups every couple years from the time they turn five, just to play it safe.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  15. Happy Saint Patty’s day. I’m with you on wearing contacts Leo… they are much lighter and easier for everyday tasks. Wearing them in front of the computer can get quite painful after while though. You ever sit there and just feel your contacts crust over while your playing Diablo 2? 🙂

  16. I’ve dealt with doctors for the better part of my life (I have a mild type of Muscular Dystrophy), some doctors are kind and helpful, others are insensitive idiots. It sounds like your doctor was the latter. I think you look good with or without glasses. Best of luck to you in the future.

  17. Most of my family has eye problems as well. Hope your kid doesn’t have too much trouble.
    Good luck with the new TECHTV stuff!

  18. Happy St. Patricks day to you too LEO! I think you could of been a huge movie star. You could of made a kick butt Rambo!!!!!

  19. My whole family has eye problems. Luckily my genes must have canceled out my parents and I don’t have to wear glasses. I used to have a tracking problem though. I was put on this computer program that used red and blue shapes with some 3D glasses. I guess there is some use for computer 3D rendering after all.

  20. Hey Leo
    Why dont you where your glasses while you are on tv.
    It would be somethig fresh & new, ok.

  21. Hey Leo,
    I have also been wearing glasses since I was a tot, I have astigmatism (spelling unsure) and was told that my left eye is so bad that they wouldn’t be able to do lazer surgery on it, I was told also that if I had the right eye done, that I would still fail the vision exam when applying for a Driver’s License. I’ve done pretty good living with the fact that I’m unable to drive, and it’s been about 12 years now. I tell my friends that my Computer is my hot rod 🙂 This way I don’t have to worry about speeding tickets LOL.
    If technology could find a way to fix my case of astigmatism I would go for it, even if it cost me megabucks it would be worth it to be able to do things I’m unable to do now.

  22. I’ll have to wear glasses soon enough. Tip: Don’t go on the computer for 3-4 hours a day, then watch TV; it hurts.

  23. Leo,I never really knew that you wore glasses or contacts.I guess its really hard to notice.

  24. Hey Leo
    Why dont you where your glasses while you are on tv.
    It would be somethig fresh & new, ok.

  25. Gonna need glasses in a year.. -From the computer.. I’m not giving that up.. I’ll take glasses.. I’ll be a blind geek!!!!

  26. Hello again Leo,
    I have severe astigmatism (especially in my left eye. The eye doctors in the 1960s said it was from sitting too close to the TV. I am sure sitting too close was more a sympton than a cause. Besides, I just had to see Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Greenjeans.
    Speaking of old television, is William Boyd (Hopalong Cassidy) anywhere in your family tree? There is an amazing resemblance between the two of you. I saw some of the old reruns last week, and I could have sworn that Leo was chasing the bad guys and looking darn cool doing it.
    Until later,

  27. Hey Leo,
    Sorry about the eye prob’s – as a parent sorry you passed it to Abby. Look on the bright side, tech is better for her! My Mom was born cross-eyed and surgery would have never helped her- we kids learned early that the eye looking at us was the eye she saw better out of. But we are our own worse friends, and people are mean. The point is, and I do have one – I have never noticed your problem on air, as I explained I know wwhat to look for – so…… LOOK OUT HOOLYWOOD!!!! Hey, we’re all getting older, except those yough pups you work with.

  28. Hi Leo,
    I saw some of your pictures on TWIT and suspected the strabismus. I had the same affliction and it was not diagnosed until it was too late. Luckily my other eye is 20/20. I like you have them cross a little when I am tired or the camera is too close (I’ve never heard anyone esle articluate the same scenarios that cause my eyes to strain). I think we both suffered from eyes not crossed enough to be noticed by our parents. Funny thing is this is a small group of people who have this issue like us — the barely noticable cross eye thing. Glad to see it hasn’t slowed you down.
    I listen every week and really should consider a recurring payment for your generous efforts.

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