Boy’s Night Out

Jennifer took Henry up north to visit her mom. Abby’s at a sleep over. So that means I’ve got a rare evening to myself. I should be writing – I’ve got a column and two weeks of web questions to do. But I also just got a copy of Baldur’s Gate II. Hmm. Work or play? Work or play? What do you think?

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  1. Leo,
    I’m a firm believer that a person needs to relax when the oppertunity arises, but I can’t for the life of me understand how that type of game would allow for any relaxation! Have you ever tried some of the older, more thought provoking games…such as “The 7th Guest, or Shivers”? I like this type of game much better, if of course it’s really relaxation I’m after.
    But I would agree that any activity other than work can be relaxing, and you have certainly earned it! Let ‘er rip.

  2. I say Play! You work hard, kick back a little. I’m happy for you that you’ll have have more time for your family. Will miss you hosting Call For Help, but will be watching you on TechLive and TSS. From a Geek Wannabee, Julie

  3. Play, Leo, play! Work is hard enough and you deserve a break. So do I, that’s why I’m sending you a comment! :^) C4H is already in re-runs and I miss you already. But I know we’ll all get to see you in the near future on your new show. So, in the meantime, play!

  4. Leo , you should play because there is gonna be alot of work in the future so u should play while there isnt that much hard work!

  5. Play sounds like a plan… who wants to write when you can beat baddies into the ground with magical spells and swords. Can’t wait for your new show to start.. more tech info 🙂


  7. One rare occasion, Leo and glasses (Home Spy Cam). Kinda Funny (Not to make fun of ya Leo) but ya just look a LITTLE more different… By the way play. You need to get an instant messaging program or 2. By the way I just got a new Dell laptop (inspiron 4000) and it did loook like the call for help computers, but not its time for TSS. I know this is really off key, but can never get on TSS or Call for Help and My machine is making a really awful noise and I think that it is either a fan is dying or my HD is dying, it’s hard to explain the noise, but its knida when i start up my comp. Oh well, I need to update anyways, I mean i got a p2 400, Soundblaster 16 PCI, but i do got 264 meg of ram. LOL. Cya

  8. Umm… in the midst of all these strategy games Unreal Tournament might not be taken so well. Hey leo why do you and pat prefer quake 3 to UT? Ive played both and i honestly thought UT was the better. Q3 just doesnt have the variety. Anyway as far as strategy StarCraft is king!

  9. I’m hoping that the upcoming game Black And White is as nifty as it seems it could be.
    Myself, I’m enjoying a little Age Of Empires 2, waiting till i get my new system built so that I can play Alice and Crimson Skies in style! (although it worked, playing em on a 266 wasnt.. er… smooth.. at all)

  10. Leo,
    As much as I hate to say it, work! Procrastinating got me in trouble with my first research paper when I waited until the last minute to write it and them (DUM DUM DUM) Word 98 Mac Edition ate it two days before it was due and I was almost finished and had to redo it. Fortunately, my teachers gave me an extension. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!!!!!
    A huge fan,

  11. hey leo im new to your message board, ive been a big fan of yours, and techtv since i got it on my cable system on 10-15-00, and i dont miss a call for help, or TSS. now, whether to work, or play, hmmm its friday night Leo, I say play!!!!!! I highly recommend NOX.
    OH BTW when are u coming down to Los Angeles to sign Autographs.

  12. Leo: you should do a little work, just to set an example and then take a break and play some Baldur’s Gate. Of course, we all know the minute you start playing you won’t break from your break, but hey all work and no play makes Leo a Dvorak (don’t share that he’ll kill me).
    With this Blog and your home cam combined, we’re all one step away from being stalkers… is that bad?

  13. Did a little of both. BGII wasn’t as much fun as I expected. I’m not a big fan of Dungeons and Dragons, but I liked Diablo II so much I thought this would be fun. I’ll give it some more time, I guess. I haven’t had a good game to play since Alice. It’s probably just as well, I can really sink way too much time into these babies.
    Maybe I’ll drag out an oldie but goodie. Pod Racer or Age of Empires II. What’s the next great PC game going to be?

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