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A very productive day – got a column finished and another started. That’s three columns this weekend! A new world record. I also had “special time” with Abby. We walked into town, went to the comic book store and the book store, had a sandwich at the bookstore café and walked home.
It was open mike night at the café and we listened to four or five singers. It’s amazing how many talented musicians there are, and how few get the recognition they deserve. I wonder if everyone has something they can excel at. That seems to be true. Unfortunately the mass media has exalted a handful of talented people, when so many are right next to us completely ignored.

I also installed and have begun configuring new blog software. This program, called Greymatter is all in Perl and lives on my server. It has some very nice features and eliminates my dependence on blogger. Once I get the templates working right, I’ll move all the old content to it. You can give it a test drive here.

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  1. what an insightful comment, i’m glad to know you feel the same way about artists in music as i do.
    (reading your blog backlog)

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