Ah that Martin. What a

Ah that Martin. What a kidder. I hope.
Actually we had a pretty good Screen Savers tonight. I think my job is safe for another day. In truth, I’m not as insecure as all that, but I do admit that I still, after all these years, take note whenever I see a Help Wanted sign at the local McDonald’s. This is not a joke.

It’s funny, but I can never tell how a show is going. I guess that’s because I’m in it. Sometimes I’ll really love a show, and it’ll turn out I was the only one. Other times a show will seem like it’s going down in flames and everyone will love it. That’s what it felt like tonight. Nevertheless, our Executive Producer was really pleased. He said that it’s the best example yet of where he wants the show to go. The thing moved right along, all right. We had three guests and a taped House Call. But that means we only had a couple of viewer calls. I still think the calls are the most important part of the show, but the real TV people don’t seem to like ’em too much. I guess they’re right and it’s old fashioned of me, but taking live calls is what I like best.