Got some very good movie

Got some very good movie recommendations. Thank you!
Some random notes while I’m sitting in the screen savers production meeting…

Phil Zimmermann, creator of PGP, is coming on the Screen Savers, March 12. Should be interesting. But whatever you do, make sure you spell his name with two Ns! (Apparently he’s a little sensitive about the issue.)

Watch the Screen Savers tonight as we learn a new bit of tech jargon, “wall humping.” If you’ve got any other wacky tech jargon you’ve been hearing lately send me an email. I’ll include it on the show.

As you know I love 802.11b (now known as WiFi) wireless networking. In fact it’s become a running joke. I’ve always wondered why more places don’t put little Airport transmitters up for their customers – especially in Airports. Think of the promotion: Use Airport in the Airport!

Now there’s a town that’s planning to offer wireless Internet access to all 6,000 of its citizens. Greenville College in Greenville, Illinois started by wiring its campus. Now they’ve put an antenna on the library and they’re planning to wire the Courthouse and Municipal building later this week.

The SF Bay Area Wireless User Group is promoting public wireless access. They publish a list of access points in the Bay Area. I love this idea. Wireless Internet everywhere!