It snowed last night, but

It snowed last night, but it turned to rain today. So it’s that yucky slushy snow that’s not much good for anything. It’s supposed to snow a foot tonight with the snow continuing into tomorrow morning.
I put chains on the van so we can try to make a getaway tomorrow but it might be dicey.

Meanwhile, it’s a stay inside day today with a fire in the fireplace, popcorn and Harry Potter. We’re rereading book two out loud. Henry and Jennifer have never read it – Abby and I have, but it’s fun to read it again. I still have to write my column and web questions for Access today, though.

funny how much easier it is to write this than the column.

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  1. Nobody commenting here? Or are they filtered out? It must be a filter or there would be a bunch of posts here at least from people trying to promo web pages. Doo-Dah! Doo-Dah!

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