I think this blogging thing

I think this blogging thing is getting out of control. Here I am, sneaking upstairs to get on AOL so I can send another blog. Sick.
Did I mention that part of the new contract is a promise to give TechTV one book? We disagree on what the book should be, though.

The publisher they have a deal with, Pearson, wants me to co-author a 10 pound PC Upgrade and Maintenance clunker. I want to do a “Screen Savers Almanac.” Something filled with factoids, tips, and questions and answers that can be released yearly.

I think anything I write should reflect my personality, and the personality of the show. Publishers are deeply conservative. They don’t like doing anything different. Maybe I’ll have to do the clunker to get to do the almanac. Life is full of compromises.

Access Magazine will likely do a compilation of my Ask Leo columns, too. With 13 million readers they should be able to sell a bundle. For that matter, so should TechTV. We can’t claim that many viewers, but 120,000 people subscribe to my daily Call for Help email. Sounds like a market to me!