One gratifying thing. The studio

One gratifying thing. The studio crew was nervous when I came in for Call for Help. They knew today was the big day. Someone asked me how it went and I said, I guess I’ll stick around and a big cheer went up. That was really nice.
The CFH studio crew consists of the four camera operators (Gabe, Dave, Simon, Aaron, and sometimes Matt), the prompter operator (Javi usually, sometimes Conchita), and Greg the floor director. Everyone else is in the control room, invisible and except for occasional traffic on my ear piece, unheard. So it’s really the crew that’s the “audience” for the show. You develop a real rapport with them after a while, and I guess I really play to them. When they laugh I know it’s going over. (Can you hear them laugh on the show? Probably not most of the time.) That cheer made my day.