A number of people have

A number of people have emailed to say that the links at the bottom of this page weren’t working. I know. It’s a bug in blogger’s code. I use server side includes (SSI) to automatically insert the stuff at the bottom. For some reason blogger parses the included HTML and inserts its own, incorrect, path to the links. This even though I’ve got absolute references in the URLs. I’ve just replaced the SSI include with hard code in my blogger template to try to fix this. If the links are working now, it worked. Otherwise I’ll have to think of another workaround!
I’m not complaining about blogger mind you. It’s an amazing service – a real gift to the web community. If I could post via email it would be perfection itself. (I understand that’s coming.) Then I could update you from my Blackberry – even on the slopes. How cool is that?