No Call for Help today.

No Call for Help today. The entire CFH staff has been closeted in training sessions for our new TV software. Most TV stations use software for script writing that automatically puts the scripts in teleprompters, creates that text at the bottom of the screen (called chyrons or cgs), creates a timed two page summary of the show (called a rundown) and so on. Basys is the most commonly used software, but we’ve been suffering with something called NewStar for three years. Like most specialized software it’s nowhere near as usable and logical as mainstream software. And it’s just plain buggy. The entire channel is switching to iNews, a program based on Basys. It’s one of the much needed upgrades being installed for the April 2 launch of TechLive (more about that later).
Meanwhile I will be on the Call for Help set as soon as Becky and Jim get off it. They’re doing the live earthquake coverage. I have to tape a Netcam video for affiliates with Robin. I’ll keep the spycam on if the director lets me! And, of course, there will be a full Screen Savers tonight with more of the Ultimate Gaming Machine!