Why TWiT 337 video is missing.

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4 Replies to “Why TWiT 337 video is missing.”

  1. Good going Leo!  I have been following you for quite a few years, more like going on a decade, and I find it kind of disappointing, thought you would keep things in house anyway.  Sure do miss the old shows where you showed people things they would not ordinarily find out on their own.  I keep any posts you do with all the other news posts by using twitter.  Checkit out  https://twitter.com/#!/nicemachines/following/tweets   
    Mysite still in progress  http://www.nicemachines.com


  2. Don’t be bitter Leo, they have served you well for years without fail. Accidents happen.Also, are you sure you got it right – they are getting out of servicing the man in the street, but they intend to continue providing high end services for enterprise companies.


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