13 Replies to “Are You A Qwitter?”

  1. Did you really asked “What's the difference between Arial and Helvetica?” or was it only to tease graphic designers?


  2. Can't get the gadget to install, am running vista 64bit, tried to open with sidebar, nothing happens, explorer opens up the file as a zip file..Please help


  3. i need help, I downloaded Windows office 2007, after my computer guy noticed I had Windows 97. I did this after I purchased a Blackberry curve. I formely had a palm. I was trying to transfer all my contacts and calender from the palm to outlook and then to the Blackberry. Thru weeks of nothing but problems, and my computer guy trying to help me. I thought I should talk to the master. Whenever I open my old documents (word and excel) from windows 97, it detects it as a virus. I then tried making a new document in 2007 and saved it and it won't open that either. It says the same thing. Can you help me. If you need more information, I will write you back.


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