Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-04-25

  • @hametner For shortening URLs I use snipurl.com because of its customization services (free reg req) but xrl.us is shorter. #
  • @worldtechguy Certainly. Use leo@leoville.com with Smugmug.com to save some bux. #
  • @dpedersen Pleasure meeting you via Hank’s cell phone. He did try to get you on TWiT but you have to get in line behind @jasoncalacanis! 😉 #
  • @pazaq I don’t think any photo site does RAW. Our album art cariciatures are by Nitrozac: http://joyoftech.com – she’ll do one for you, too. #
  • OK @scottbourne – that owl picture is amazing! http://www.jpgmag.com/photos/634052 – you have my vote! #
  • I think we’re going to go with the Tricaster Broadcast. Not HD, but then neither is Flash. Seems expensive but lots of bang for the buck. #
  • Is there any way to figure out if all these new Followers are really just spammers? The # seems to be growing way too fast. #
  • What do spammers gain by following people? They can’t actually spam, they’ll get blocked. Do they get some sort of Google juice from it? #
  • @carlo’s http://twerpscan.com is a great idea. Can’t use it myself though – it chokes. #
  • I hate to miss all these interesting conferences (Web 2.0, ROFLCon, NewComm et al.) but I’m too busy actually making content to attend. #
  • The cable modem is getting 22.8 Mbps down and 3.2 Mbps up. That actually is Comcastic. (Never thought I’d say THAT!) #
  • @kevinrose You should sound excellent on TWiT this week! Still got the USB headset? #
  • Daisy Whitney says, "it’s your turn guys." Who’s the hottest male web host? Cast your vote at http://xrl.us/bjtsm (I vote for Merlin). #
  • Lunch with Colleen to solidify plan for world domination. Are there steam punk "lasers?" #
  • @THErealDVORAK We can’t do TWiT live after all. There’s a big antique fair going on Sunday so no parking. We’ll Skype with Norton & Rose. #
  • @THErealDVORAK We should have lights and switcher in place by the second or third week in May. Let’s aim for a live TWiT then. #

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