Call For Paddling

Leo What's That?A Ruby Throated Booby!

Sean Carruthers has done it again. He snapped a bunch of great pictures with his Olympus Evolt at our last week of taping of Call for Help in Toronto. In the two to the right, Amber clobbers me with a canoe paddle as part of a promo for our Outdoor Special. She’s such a prankster.

You can see all of Sean’s photos from the shoot week on his Flickr site.

By the way, when I say “last week” I mean the previous week. There are many more to come. I’ve just agreed to another year of shows through September 2007.

Call for Help is seen on G4TechTV in Canada (check your cable or satellite provider) and on the HOW-TO Channel in Australia. US fans can download the show for 99¢ an episode from Google Video. We’re working on putting all 400 Canadian episodes online.

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