Bring Me A Shrubbery!

We’re back from France. It was a wonderful family trip. I know it’s boring to show family pictures, but I can’t resist posting this one of Henry at Vaux-le-Vicomte – a truly beautiful castle with a tragic history.
Life of Leo image

I’m in Philadelphia working for the weekend, but the radio show will be live once again Sunday (courtesy WIOQ – thanks, guys!).

20 Replies to “Bring Me A Shrubbery!”

  1. Welcome back! That’s a great photo!
    Philadelphia you say! Thats awesome! Where are you? I need to visit! 😉
    BTW, It’s Philly. And don’t forget to get a cheesesteak while your in town! :cheese:


  2. Hey Leo … well for me family pictures are great especially of Europe. Post all you want! They are always nice to see and there is nothing like traveling in Europe and it always hold a special place in my heart. I have been to Europe 17 times and have many friends in the UK, The Netherlands, Belgium and Italy – always the best education!
    Maybe you can make a baseball game we spoke about last year in LA and see it from the production truck. My FOX Network baseball season is beginning in May and I’m sure I will get out to the Bay area again this season.
    Glad to hear your trip was great, be safe!


  3. A shrubbery?? What am I supposed to do with this herring, then? There’s still a lot of use left in it, you know.
    Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. It’s something I know the kids will always remember too. Thanks for sharing the photos – love the one with the gargoyle in the foreground (“the bells, the bells!”).


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