Live MacWorld Keynote Coverage

Life of Leo imageLooks like Rick Yaeger’s MacMerc is going to be hosting live chat coverage of Steve Jobs’s keynote at Macworld Expo San Francisco. It’s grassroots bleeding edge journalism at its best.
Digital Bill Douthett, Jon Gales, and I will be giving you blow-by-blow coverage direct from the auditorium using IRC. In my case I’ll be using my Sidekick II to telnet to my server running a command line IRC client (irssi – thanks to Dan for that idea). Will it work? Log in and see!

January 11, 8a Pacific. Steve starts at 9a. Point your IRC client to and join #mercworld for the play-by-play. Join #macmerc to chat with the peanut gallery.

See you there!

5 Replies to “Live MacWorld Keynote Coverage”

  1. Hi,
    A couple of questions: where do I get an IRC client and what one do you all recommend? I’m running a 700 Mhz IMac (flat panel and one of the older ones).
    Any help would be appreciated.


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