New Servers Up and Running

If you can read this you’re using the new server. Overnight Vizaweb transferred and to the new monster server. You should notice a significant improvement in responsiveness. Tonight we’ll move the message boards, too.
Let me know if anything seems amiss, and thanks again to Vizaweb!

6 Replies to “New Servers Up and Running”

  1. I have one-way satellite service(dial-up up and satellite down). Your site downloads via dial-up (2.2 KBytes/S) rather than Satellite(50KBytes/S)! No other sites currently do that. I think there must be a setting somewhere in your server that is amiss. I check your blog every day.


  2. Hello again Leo….New servers are fast! I sent you some short copy for the amateur (ham) radio service running your podcast. I sent it to your webmaster address. Not sure if you got it.


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